Highly Effective YouTube Growth Techniques That No One Talks About with Brenden Kumarasamy

If you’re not on YouTube, you’re leaving money on the table.


You’re probably thinking that you’re far too late to hop on YouTube.


And I can’t blame you.


More and more marketing opportunities are coming up as new social media platforms arise. 


People go crazy trying to be the FIRST and the BIGGEST THING on the latest platforms.


Look… There’s nothing wrong with that. 


But if this sounds like you, then I highly suggest that you watch this episode of The Garlic Marketing Show with Brenden Kumarasamy because I think you’re losing a long list of opportunities that could bring you more money.



Quick question… Why the heck aren’t you on YouTube yet?


Even if you are, but aren’t getting many results from it, let me tell you why you should still do it…


For the most obvious part, it gives instant credibility!


Let me explain further with an example:


Once upon a time, I had a huge problem with a rat infestation.


I’ve tried fixing the problem myself, but all my efforts weren’t enough.


And so as a last resort, I finally decided to hire a team of professionals to take on the job.


But of course, I needed someone who would do the job well.

I didn’t want to waste my money on efforts that wouldn’t last.


So I did my research!


I looked up Pest Controls within my area to have as many options as I could.


But out of all my options, only one caught my attention in a snap.


And they were able to do that by proving their credibility to me through their YouTube vlogs, which showcased the effectiveness of their services to me instantly.


Now… This brings me to my next point: 


YouTube allows you to close MORE clients without even saying a word.


Because of their videos, I immediately knew that they could fix my problem. 


And without saying a word, they already closed a client.


Normally, people would have to take hours to sell themselves and their services to clients who may not even be convinced by the end of the pitch.


But with the help of YouTube, all your efforts would be cut in half while you gain more clients (and money duh!).


Everyone knows how to start a YouTube channel… But these 3 Techniques will help you GROW it.


Let me be real with you right now…


Growing a YouTube channel is most likely not going to be an overnight success for you.


But if you keep these 3 techniques in mind and practice them, I guarantee that you will succeed.


The Top 10 Questions


If I were to tell you the most difficult part of growing a YouTube channel, it would be writing content.


Maybe in the first few parts, writing content is enjoyable! But as you progress, it gets more and more difficult (at least for most people).


That is why listing down the Top 10 Questions asked within your niche is a great idea!


It not only helps you come up with high-quality content but also helps you directly answer important questions from relevant people in your niche.


Service First


A lot of people, especially entrepreneurs, come to YouTube with the objective to get more clients. 


Although that could be our objective, you need to put your expectations aside– for now…


Nowadays, people can smell salesmen from a mile away. And being a hard-seller would just scare your prospects away!


So what do you do?


Focus on helping…


Prospects don’t like it when your intentions are to sell. Because that just shows them that you have no interest in genuinely helping them. 


On the other hand, prospects are more drawn to people who wholeheartedly want to help.

So as you write your content and publish them, focus on being helpful.


The 10-Year Mindset


A huge mistake that people make is that they pour out all of their content in a short span of time.


They post twice, thrice, and even more in a week because they immediately want to hit that one video that blows up.


Do you know what that smells like? 




And that just leads to a lot of people quitting YouTube.


So instead, try to practice the 10-Year Mindset.


YouTube is a long-term investment. So instead of saying “I want my YouTube channel to blow up now”,


Say “I’m gonna be consistent for 10 years and see where that takes me.”


After all, YouTube works best when you play the long-term game.


If you post just 1 video per week for 10 years, you will have posted 480 videos in total!


And I’m no statistician, but I guarantee you that with those numbers, you will succeed!




Because this is exactly what my friend Brenden Kumarasamy did.


And in a span of just about 2 years, he was able to grow his subscription from zero to 22,000, opening a lot of opportunities that he leveraged for the growth of his business.


If you picked up a lot of value from this blog, I have great news for you!


Everything that you’ve just learned is only the tip of the iceberg.


Because in the latest episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, I invited YouTuber and C.E.O, Brenden Kumarasamy to share about his untold hacks and techniques that he applied to grow his very own YouTube channel.


If you want to learn more about these hacks and techniques, watch the episode now.


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