Florida Panther’s Digital Marketing Strategy to Sell Box Seats Overseas with Danny Villanueva

This agency was the only one to successfully generate more sales for the Florida Panthers!


The Florida Panthers were bouncing back and forth trying to find the right strategy to sell their Box Suites to their fans in Florida.


They’ve tried every medium and strategist available in the market but still couldn’t find The ONE to fix their problem– not until they got to work with Corey Advertising.


At first glance, Corey Advertising appears to be just another agency out there…


But just because of this ONE thing they did, they were able to fix the impossible.



Was it really impossible, though?


Everyone else who tried to take on the challenge had failed. But to them, they knew the answer was just somewhere out there…


..or was it with them all along?


Corey Advertising had pointed out one thing that all the other agencies had missed that became key to shifting their direction.


One of the team members of the agency found that one of the players of the Panthers, Alexander Barkov, was extremely popular in his hometown: Finland.


So the advertising team figured that perhaps, directly advertising to Florida was the mistake all along. 


Instead, they focused their demographic on Finland and Norway, where more people appreciated ice hockey. Moreover, they appreciated Alexander Barkov.


Now this is the turning point…


Sales came pouring in as they just hit the jackpot! The Panthers were able to sell out their Box Suites that they’ve been dreading to sell for the longest time!


And as a gesture of special thanks, the NHL has awarded Corey Advertising Agency for not only being successful at helping the Panthers, but also for being the only one to do so.


Moral of the story…


In this true story, we could learn that sometimes, it pays to think outside of the box. 


And you, as a business owner or a marketer could take this as a good example of thinking out of the box.


You can also watch this story on the Garlic Marketing Show where we’ve interviewed the Senior Brand Manager himself, Danny Villanueva on his story with the Florida Panthers.


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