Best Video Brochure Marketing Strategy with Devin Herz from DMC

As a business owner or a marketing manager, if I ask you where you spend most of your marketing budget, what would be your answer?


Chances are you’d say in social media marketing.


In fact, a little over 90% of businesses are dependent on social media marketing in today’s day and age.


With all the advancements in technology, optimization of platforms, and of course: the rise of COVID-19, businesses are definitely forced into migrating online.


This makes us question: where did print advertising go?


I had that same question until I got to speak with my buddy Devin Herz, the C.C.O of Dynamic Marketing Consultants.


So how did it transform exactly?


One word…. VIDEOS


While everyone is going crazy over social media marketing and how amazing it is, print advertising decided to evolve by joining forces with video marketing.


Thus, creating Video Brochures.


What makes Video Brochures special?


Compared to its mainstream counterpart, Video Brochures have a few but major advantages to it:


Prevents you from blindly spending your ad budget.


Let’s just say you advertise through Google. Have you any idea if the person clicking your ad is genuinely interested in your product? Or Google just decided that “maybe” this person “might” be interested, so they decide to show that person your ad because Google thought so?


Using Video Brochures allows you to filter your prospects for the best results based on your judgment


It is easier for prospects to navigate through


When you try to advertise online, normally, you would ask your prospects to go through various pages just for them to get the gist of what you do.


With Video Brochures, all your prospects have to do is to open brochures and watch, while the video does all of the explaining– which brings me to my next point….


No need for expert salesmen to close your prospects


It’s all in the video! You do need highly skilled salesmen to talk your prospects into buying your products because now, they just need to open the brochure to get all the information that they need.

The Testimony of a Company that 5X’d Their Closing Rate


As I was talking to Devin, he got to share about his client in the HVAC industry.


The company was at a 10% prospect closing rate, which wasn’t bad at all!


But as soon as they implemented Video Brochures in their marketing plan, their closing rate skyrocketed to a whopping 50%!


That is x5 their original closing rate, which granted them a 40% growth each year, leading them to a total 300% jump in their business performance.


Impossible? I don’t think so! 


All it took was going for a zig when everyone else was zagging. 


And that is how you stand out!


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