The Most Profitable Content Strategy For 2022 with Ivan Vislavskiy

Do you remember marketing 5 years ago?


Remember how easy it was to be at the top of the list?


What about when it took fewer people to achieve significant results?


That’s how the game goes.


All we have to do is adapt as quickly as we can so we wouldn’t be left behind in this fast-paced industry.


Today I’m about to share with you ONE GREAT CONTENT STRATEGY that helped company after company gain traction and more conversions.



Tons of overly-hyped garbage producers are found all over the internet nowadays.


And a lot of times, it can be hard to decipher the truth within their lies.


That is why we need more people who are respectable and knowledgeable in their own fields to fill the internet with credible information.


And more and more people prefer to listen to well-established thought leaders to help their buying decisions.




You can be a thought leader but not utilize your resources to amplify your voice out there.


So how do you go about being a LOUD THOUGHT LEADER?




As simple as it is, Blog Posting is the never-changing channel that works for 90% of businesses online.


It can be as simple as 5 paragraphs and about 300 words, but putting out legitimate information coming from a credible source like you, people are likely to follow your lead!




If there is anything that establishes instant credibility, it would be podcasts. 


Podcasts are a great way to showcase your expertise on certain subjects as it reveals your face that proves your identity as a person as well as your voice because it proves your confidence in your subject by the way you speak about it.


A Podcast is a great platform to place at the bottom of your funnel.




Lastly, which is probably the most obvious: SOCIAL MEDIA.


Now Social Media mostly works like a top of the funnel rather than an end game.


This is because most of the time, people spend time on social media for leisure over actually learning something.


So here’s what you do…


Create short clips of topics that you’d like to post about.


That can be 30 seconds to a minute’s worth of content that should be valuable.


And guess what….


As soon as the right person passes by that clip and picks up real value from it, you can then redirect them to other platforms that further establish your credibility as a thought leader.


If you ask me…


“Hey Ian, you talk so much about these. Do you even practice what you teach?”


Why don’t you find out by watching my latest episode on the Garlic Marketing Show with my very special guest Ivan Vislavskiy, the C.E.O. of Comrade Media Advertising?

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