Growing a Cannabis Cryptocurrency to 100k WIDTokens Without Ads or Influencers with Matias Barrera

How in the world is it physically possible to promote cryptocurrency and Cannabis online?


As far as I know, most of the major advertising platforms DO NOT allow the advertising of such subjects.


But the real question here is…


How in the world did they successfully do it WITHOUT ADS or INFLUENCERS?


What kind of magic did they use?


It Isn’t Magic… It’s Strategy…


They did not just snap their fingers to get these results overnight.


This required a whole month of careful planning to be exact.


Another month for execution, and a third for careful adjustments.


But.. Throughout the whole process, they highlighted 3 MAJOR STEPS that lead them to their success.


Building the Brand Concept Right


Their success was rooted from the very beginning of the process…


They call it the Workshop.


Building the Brand Concept would be extremely difficult without this process if they do not ask the right questions.


That is why in the Workshop, they properly guided their client with the right questions to help bring out what the client truly wants to help with the branding process.


To give you a better idea, it’s more like an interview about how the client feels he/she wants to lead the branding direction.




Sorry for the word, but that is exactly what it is..


As they walked us through their funnel, it then made sense to me how they were able to succeed in this…


Since they lacked the ability to use paid advertising and influencers, they had to make up to it by GOING WIDE on organic marketing.


This involved a lot of posting on different channels which included educational videos for their viewers to completely understand their mission.


Connecting With The Audience


If you want to connect with your audience, the best way to do it is by publishing interactive posts that allow their participation.


This is exactly what they did by hosting giveaways that not only helped their brand generate interactions, but also organic shares that boosted their voice across social media.


Just remember…


This whole process did not happen overnight.


It took 3 months of strategizing, building, executing, and uncertainty that led to them successfully selling 100k tokens.


If you want to go deeper into the story of DiHunch Brand Building Agency, watch the latest episode of the Garlic Marketing Show with the CEO of DiHunch himself, Matias Barrera.


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