The 15X Process That Grew A Furniture Company From $43,000 To $730,000 In Just 2 Years with Niecolas Biggi

I bet you’re immediately thinking about the many complicated methods that helped Niecolas Biggi 15X his client’s revenue…


But trust me when I tell you that it’s not that complicated.


All it took was focusing more on the little things that not many marketers pay attention to.


So keep reading to get the full idea of what I mean by “little things.”



On the latest episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Niecolas Biggi, the CEO of the Gorilla Agency shares his story of how he was able to grow a cabinet company to six figures in just two years.


And as you read on, you will…

  • Learn to shift your perspective as a marketer
  • The step by step process that 15x’d a cabinet company in just 2 years
  • Understand where most marketers go wrong as marketers




Surprisingly, aggressive marketing wasn’t what kick-started the company’s sales in the first year.


Because instead of being aggressive on the marketing side, they focused on making a smoother system that would help better the customer experience.


“We helped create the process. We wanted to create literally a 1, 2, 3 process where you could draw your laundry room, your bedroom cabinets, whatever you needed on a piece of paper. 


So really that was the process we created. Here’s how you measure, take some estimates, figure it out, shoot it in immediately, you get a free design consultation, we’ll show you the CAD mock-ups of what it could look like.


We’ll connect you with the contractors. We’ll build them out. We’ll provide the installer. And it was incredible. And this is with no marketing at the beginning. In the first year, they went from $43,700 to, I think it was $266,000 at the end of 2020.”




After hitting their first six figures, they knew that they had to take the next steps in marketing their company.


So they reinvested their profits to execute ad campaigns and SEO campaigns.


Being a hyper-local company, there weren’t many challenges that kept them from ranking at the top of Google.


Being so, with an ad budget of $500 per month, they hit $730,000 by the end of 2021.


“In fact, we were joking that already in 2022, they’re on track to do a million dollars and it’s just incredible, you know?”


At this rate, no doubt they’re going to make their FIRST MILLION by 2022.




It takes two to tango…


Understanding that the internal system of a business is just as important as the external marketing efforts will give you the edge in marketing.


Who wouldn’t want to work with someone who goes down a hundred feet deep to give the best solution, right?


I would pick that any day over someone who just builds campaigns and calls it a day.


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