Generating Leads at Half the Cost During a Fintech Summit Using a Branding Strategy with Nura Ali

When you say BRANDING STRATEGY, usually the goal is defining a brand’s persona and how that persona appears to its audience.


But in this case, you’d be surprised at how a branding strategy turned out to play a different role: GENERATING LEADS.



So on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, our guest speaker Nura Ali, the CEO of Bold Branding Group, explains exactly how she and her team achieved such a result.


In this episode you will:

  • Understand important branding elements
  • Discover how Nura generated a FinTech company leads by going digital during a summit
  • Their next steps with the brand




Initially, they focused on designing the whole summit.


From the logo down to the collaterals that they needed for the summit, they had only a short amount of time to work on it.


The summit had different guests that had diverse backgrounds.


Some of them were thought leaders, investors, as well as a variety of other different backgrounds.


However, the most common theme where everyone met in the middle was the goal of being environmentally friendly.


That’s why Nura and her team had to think of ways to execute the summit while being as eco-friendly as possible.




One way they thought would cut down on the resources was converting all pamphlets to digital pamphlets.


This allowed them to minimize the use of paper and cut the cost required for printing individual pamphlets.


All they did was prepare a code that guests could scan to access the resources.


And here’s the best part…


This is also what brought them leads.


By requiring the guests to input their email and contact information before being able to access the resources, they generated leads that opened doors for MORE INVESTORS and POTENTIAL PARTNERS to help grow the company.




Since Nura and the Big Branding Group are working long-term with this FinTech company, they are now finding more and more investors and partners in different ways. 


One of which is improving the front end of the company’s app to improve the user experience.


“Right now, we’re helping them with their pitch deck and to help potentially create a first-round investment campaign for them with investors. Also, all the front-end design for the app. Because the developers, they’re working with our designers, but they’re more developers and we come in, we’re more on branding, so we’re able to take the messaging, and make it look really good.”


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