Lead Generation SEO Strategy for Small Law Firms with Sheyne Branconnier

I’m sorry but the truth has to be told.


A lot of marketers nowadays showcase how many leads they generate for their clients, but sometimes I wonder why they stop there.


Because by the end of the day, we want to CLOSE THOSE LEADS.


So how sure are they that these leads have increased chances of being closed?


And how sure are YOU that you’re not wasting any money, time, and effort on leads that are nowhere near being closed?



On the latest episode of The Garlic Marketing Show, Sheyne Branconnier of Smile MEDIA talks about how he scientifically approached his lead generation process that eventually funneled down to HIGH-QUALITY LEADS that increased their conversion rate.


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What’s the point of pulling in traffic if you have a website or a landing page that just confuses people?

That’s why the very first step they took was to create a new website that is easy to use and understandable.


“They came to us with an existing website and they were looking to increase their business and generate more leads.


So I said, ‘I think we should start with your website. Because if I start to drive any traffic to your site, I don’t think we’re going to have a good conversion ratio.’ So then he agreed to it. We built him a new site.”


After improving their website, immediately their conversion ratio improved and more clients came in.


So now on to step two.




After building a website that converts, they then focused on generating more traffic to the website.


They took two ways: SEO and PPC.


Using these two methods, they surely generated more traffic.


In fact, they made it to the top 10 results on google search which in itself was already impressive.


But looking at the conversion ratio, it still wasn’t enough for Sheyne.




Yes, they were generating traffic that eventually became leads, and then clients.


But the problem was the number of people who convert into clients from the number of leads that they had.


Surely, they were missing something.


But later, they realized that the problem may have been their keywords.


They slowly worked their way to identifying the best keywords to draw in the ideal client for the firm.


“It’s one thing to get traffic to your site, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to land on a site that makes you feel comfortable enough to pick up the phone or send you an email, right? So both those cylinders need to fire together.


And that’s all we did. I just tuned the keywords and made sure that they were all optimized for the right keywords and that when people landed on the site, they felt that this guy was passionate about his business and people could connect with him.”


Making those changes made all the difference.


The firm grew to a point that it had to hire more and more people to run the business.


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