Chris Do of The Futur: 3 Types of Educational Content That Work on YouTube Right Now to Grow Your Channel to 2 Million

If you’re running a YouTube channel, you can attest that one of the most exhausting parts of running one is deciding what types of content to put out there.


On this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, the founder of The Futur, Chris Do explains his journey on how he grew his YouTube channel to 1.9 Million subscribers.


On top of that, he also shared the content that works for him TODAY.



As you read through this episode, you will learn a few key things:

  • One BIG YouTube mistake that would waste all your efforts
  • 3 types of content that work RIGHT NOW
  • Why these types of content work


Before I proceed to talk about the 3 types of content that work, you should know what you NEED TO AVOID if you’re in the business of selling information and using YouTube as a tool to funnel customers.




I get it.


You’re probably afraid to give away all your best information because your viewers might find it useless to buy your products.


But what if I tell you that it doesn’t work that way?


“I’m going to say something that’s very polarizing. Everyone who says, “If I give away everything, they won’t buy anything.” I’ll say this to them right now. We’re gonna look right into the camera. You’re wrong. You’re 100% wrong.”


According to Chris, it’s all about generating “TRUE FANS.” And that is where your revenue will come from.


You need to give away your BEST INFORMATION in order to captivate them and illustrate the value that you give them. In return, you get their faith in you producing high-quality and useful information.


This is exactly how Chris built his $4.9 Million yearly revenue business.


“Now, the reason why I have a following and why I have a business that did four and a half million dollars of revenue last year is because I’ve always thought I’m going to give my best stuff. Because if you give your crappy stuff away, well, who cares about you then.”






Evergreen content is one of the most timeless pieces of content that you can put out on YouTube.


This is a type of content that stays relevant for a really long time.


Thus the term, Evergreen.


“Evergreen content has a long shelf life, right? And also the fact that they seem to be very supportive of creators. They understand. That’s why I really love YouTube. And that has worked for us, for our channel.”




It’s a new feature on YouTube that is making a huge difference.


YouTube shorts is a section on YouTube that promotes shorter-form videos.


Think of it as TikTok videos, but on YouTube.


So these video clips last around 30 seconds to a minute, which turned out really effective for Chris’ channel garnering more subscriptions faster.


“When they first started implementing them, it helped our channel to grow from a million to two. And we were picking up thousands of new subscribers per day versus per month prior to that. And so shorts, I think really forced us as content creators to learn how to tell a very succinct story and to give value immediately.”


People nowadays are busy and only have a few minutes to spare to learn something new.


Having the ability to compress information into bite-sized lengths will certainly give you the upper hand in providing them with the information that they need without compromising time.




Do you know ONE THING that keeps people hooked?




Establishing Whiteboard Sessions for your channel is a great way to keep an interactive space.


I personally love this type of content because I enjoy watching the information unfold before my own eyes.


“Other forms of content that seemed to work well for us are tightly produced and designed whiteboard sessions where it’s me at my best, where I’m trying to teach somebody something.


There’s a framework. There are lessons. There are quotes. There are actionable things that you can do after watching the video or while you’re watching the video”


It is a unique experience as it mimics a fun, interactive, classroom set-up learning style.


Here is an example of how he does it.


Do you feel like you’re one step closer to growing your YouTube channel with this episode?


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