2022 Fashion Brand Facebook Advertising Strategy with Jessie Healy

Advertising through Facebook can be really annoying.


From faulty payment methods, disabled ad accounts, the customer support that takes a lifetime to get back to you, and most especially the neverending changes in the algorithm.


Even I personally feel exhausted just thinking about these things.


Luckily I invited Jessie Healy, who happens to be the CEO of Webtopia, an agency that specializes in paid advertising, here on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show.


In this episode, she tells her story about how she and her team were able to grow a fashion company’s ROAS by 5.2x with a more than 200% increase in revenue.



That is why in this episode you will learn 3 KEY Things to help you on your Facebook Advertising journey:

  • Learn an interesting way to target interests that WORK
  • Discover the video ad formats that WORK today
  • Learn the Facebook Advertising strategy that grew a fashion company’s ROAS by 5.2x


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Finding The Best Interests For Targeting


It is intuitive to go for the most direct interest that is related to your product when trying to advertise on Facebook.


For example, when trying to find interest for a television product, we are likely to test the Home Appliance interest. I don’t blame you.


And I am most certainly not telling you not to test the obvious.


But what if you’re out of obvious options and need to find another way to target your ideal audience?

Jessie has a simple solution.


But this method requires a deeper understanding of your audience (which should be the bare minimum).


So provided that you have a deep understanding of your ideal audience, this is what you do:


“You think about this person who really would buy expensive coffee. What else might they do? They might have a Peloton. They might like certain fashion brands. So how can we reach them without just being really specific to the product in a creative way? So finding those kind of coalescing interests, and what we do is we did tend to test like a large single interest, like, or a theme of an interest. And then if we find ones that are working, we can lump them together into really big audiences. ”


To summarize, to achieve this, you need to find OTHER overlapping interests based on your ideal audience’s behavior and lifestyle.


I like to call these indirect interests.


Trends Change. And We Found That This Works.


Of course, we can’t deny how effective video ads work.


It’s been proven time and time again to be the most effective way to advertise online.


But what works exactly? Doesn’t this evolve?


Unfortunately, YES. Ad formats evolve apparently quickly.


And we are fortunate enough to have Jessie share what works for her: TikTok Videos.


No, I’m not talking about building a whole TikTok account and growing it, but I’m talking about TikTok-style video ads being advertised through Facebook.

“You know, using the horrible TikTok voice and making it look literally like a TikTok ad that will work as a Facebook ad now for some brands. It depends on, you know, whether the brand is the right brand for that.”


And for the second video format, it’s THE favorite UGC videos.


I say “the favorite” because you literally see everyone use this type of content.


That is why there are exceptions to being able to make this work.


Obviously, consumers are getting smarter at identifying fake UGC’s. 


And lately, it’s been a pain to many marketers out there.


So here is how Jessie goes around it.


“It’s definitely getting overused now and there’s a lot of fake UGC around. Customers are kind of wising up to that, but we still find if you can get good UGC, that really feels really authentic and the person is really relatable. Then a UGC can still work amazingly.”


If You’re Not Doing This, You’re Not Optimizing Your Ads


This is something different that I’ve never heard before: 


Jessie has a unique way of testing and running her ads.


Apparently, her style of running ads allows her Facebook Ad account to be optimized quicker.


Due to the cut of user data by the IOS update, Facebook has lost a lot of data that would have been helpful in advertising.


With this in mind, Jessie’s strategy allows Facebook to gain back that data, and it’s called D.A.B.A (Dynamic Ads For Broad Audiences).

“DABA is dynamic ads for broad audiences. So it’s when you’re actually running product ads, the ads that are in a carousel, and you scroll through and you can kind of see the product details and the price and everything.


So we run a lot of these for our clients, actually, top of funnel to fully broad audiences because what this allows the algorithm to do is find people that are shopping right now for these types of products.”


So the whole point of it is that by targeting a broader audience while showcasing as many similar products as you could, you’re helping Facebook optimize faster.


But here is something to remember: This method works best for brands that have a wide variety of products.


Learning so far?


This is just a taste of the latest episode of the Garlic Marketing Show featuring our guest, Jessie Healy.


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