Successful Insurance Ad Marketing Strategy with Marcus Cudd from SearchworxX

When running ads, it is important to remember that it is more than just putting together a bunch of copy, images, and offers.


It is a constant phase of experimenting with different messages and creatives that may or may not work.


That is why, on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Marcus Cudd from SearchworxX shares the very elements that changed their game and helped grow the ROAS of an Insurance Company 10X.



In this episode, you will understand the importance of:

  • Retargeting
  • Creatives
  • Messaging


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Retargeting As A Method of Experimentation


As all digital marketers know, retargeting is the act of running ads targeted to people who have at some point interacted with an ad launched by you.


You see, constant touch points are key to a successful campaign, especially when a brand is still new to the audience’s eyes.


But what if you could use Retargeting as a way to find the perfect message for your ideal audience?


Marcus and his team did just that.


“Sometimes we don’t always get it right the first time. What’s the primary benefit they’re interested in? We’ll have other benefits on the page, but they may or may not see them right away. Particularly if they’re scanning.


So in retargeting, we can go and start talking to them about our other benefits, things that make us more compelling, and we find out what people actually clicked on. So they’re seeing different creative, different offers, different benefits. Suddenly you’re able to hone in on: what are the things that are making this prospect audience click?”


Building a Creative to Hook Them In


As your ideal audience scrolls through social media, you would need a scroll-stopping hook to keep their attention on their ad.


That is the job of your creatives.


Be it an image or a video, it has to be captivating enough to keep your audience’s eyes locked on the screen for a good amount of time and lead them to read the actual message of your ad.


The problem I see most people have with retargeting is they don’t understand how powerful it can be.


And they failed to really work on their creative on the retargeting side. So if I used a benefit in an ad and I get somebody to click that ad and they come to my landing page and I haven’t recited my benefit right off the bat, I probably lost my prospects already.”


The Message That Hits the Heart


If you have a sick funnel, a killer hook, but a message that isn’t aligned with what your customers are interested in, do me a favor and just stop running that funnel. It won’t work.


Crafting the message is key to delivering the HOME RUN.


If your audience gains a sense of clarity on a piece of message that aligns with them, you’ve hit the JACKPOT.


But doing so requires thorough research on understanding your audience.


You can do your audience research through forums online, YouTube, and Facebook groups. Three of which I use very often.


So do your research, kids!


The Melting Pot 


Now that you have your SCROLL STOPPING CREATIVE and a KILLER MESSAGE, now is the time to see if all your efforts are taking you somewhere.


But hey, remember that running these campaigns ain’t a walk in the park.


There will be combinations that work and some that don’t.


So you have to prepare a wide variety of your creatives and messaging to find that sweet spot that works best.


I am wishing the best for your campaigns.





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