Rebranding Strategies for Specialty Food Stores with Jeanann Grubbs

Whether you’re a business owner who wants to execute a rebranding campaign yourself, hire someone to work on your rebranding, or are someone who does the rebranding job, you have to read this.


Rebranding is nearly impossible to succeed in if you do not have the proper guidance to execute it.


Luckily, on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, branding expert and Hour One CEO, Jeanann Grubbs, reveals important tips to help you create the best rebranding campaign.


Jeanann has emphasized THREE CRUCIAL REBRANDING ELEMENTS to make rebranding easier to digest.



In this episode, you will DISCOVER:

  • The importance of digging deep into a brand
  • Aligning a brand with its message
  • Why you need to have a purpose when rebranding


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This may be obvious to most branding experts out there, but those who might not have a clue may need to hear this.


If you’re working on rebranding, it’s more than just re-doing a logo, slogan, branding videos, colors, font styles, etc.

Those are just the external factors that are a result of having a deep understanding of the brand.


That is why what Jeanann likes to do, before doing anything, is hosting a little workshop for her clients (you’d be surprised by how little many brand owners understand their brands).


“It was a lot of workshops we did with our key stakeholders. So we got in a room with their CEO, their marketing team, the founder of Mother’s Market and Kitchen, the daughter actually of the founder, and sat there and wanted to understand, like, ‘What does everybody think this brand stands for?’


Because we found quickly that everyone, from the daughter of the founder to the CEOs, kind of had a different vision and expectation. They put different words in and thoughts to what the brand stood for.”


Picturing this scene is just hilarious.


But it’s real, and it happens to most of us.




There is one common dilemma when it comes to branding.


It normally is based on how the owner sees the brand versus how the customers see the brand.


This dilemma has many people baffled on how to execute their branding.


That is why it takes deep effort to find the alignment between how customers see the brand and how the owner sees the brand.


“I think that everyone comes in with their own notion of what the brand is and where they want it to go. Sometimes, none of them are right or wrong. It’s more about finding the ultimate alignment.”


It’s about meeting everyone in the middle. 


That is why, as I mentioned earlier, doing a deep dive with the relevant people is an important step, since it helps us have a better understanding of what we want.




For every action, there has to be a WHY.


Otherwise, you might be running around in circles having no direction.


That is why Jeanann has a few key questions that she asks herself and her clients to gain a good sense of direction for the campaign.


“How will we stand out online and on social media? Do we need a rebrand to get more people into the brand? Do we need to rebrand to stand out and be more unique in what we do? I think you can rebrand and become more niche in your own brand.”


It’s all about your purpose. And that will be the driver of your actions.


All in all, branding is more than just logos, color, slogans, etc– it is a thorough understanding of the brand, its audience, and what direction to take.


That is how you could run a successful branding or rebranding campaign.


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