Augmented Reality Generated 500 Leads for Supra Boats, Jason Labaw

Things haven’t been the same since the pandemic.


A lot of changes took place that created what I like to call a “FUNDAMENTAL SHIFT.”


If you’re a marketer, an entrepreneur, or just someone who is a huge fan of technological advancements, this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show is here to give you a glimpse of what the near future holds for us.


Jason Labaw, the CEO of Bonsai Media Group, shares with us how Augmented Reality is starting to change the marketing game.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is Augmented Reality

  • How it helped Jason and his team generate a smooth sales process for Supra Boats

  • How Augmented Reality could help your business


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What is Augmented Reality?


It’s a technology that has been evolving so rapidly in the past few years.


Remember when you’d have to be at a certain place or meet up with actual people to experience physical products?


What if you didn’t have to go through all of that hassle anymore?


What if all you had to do was sit on your couch, open your phone, and get the same full experience as if you were there?


Augmented Reality has evolved enough to give us just that.




During the COVID pandemic, although people weren’t going out very often, for some reason, BOAT SALES WERE THROUGH THE ROOF.


And so Supra Boats, a boat manufacturing company, reached out to Jason and his team at Bonsai Media Group.


Although Bonsai has been using AR since 2014, this was a great opportunity to really put their expertise on AR to the test.


They were able to improve their customer sales experience 10-fold by the time that Supra Boats launched their AR program. 


Imagine being able to visit YOUR boat and customize it with the push of a few buttons.




And because of this experience, inquiries started pouring in more than Supra Boats could accommodate. 


“We were generating somewhere around three to five-hundred (leads) in a month. For a boat manufacturer that produces a couple thousand a year, it’s way more leads than what they need.”


Giving customers this experience also opens more doors of opportunities in the future.


Getting the brand out there in this way will certainly give the brand respect and top-of-the-mind awareness for future customers.


How Can Augmented Reality Help Your Marketing?


If you’re in the industry of selling physical properties like cars, boats, and real estate, chances are, you would need to give your customers ‘that obligatory tour’ for the product or property that they would want to buy.


That wastes A LOT OF TIME.


And wouldn’t you have to meet up with someone who lives miles away?


Doesn’t that slow down the sales process?


I mean, if I were in your place, I’d definitely want to get my foot in the door as soon as possible.




To do that, I believe Augmented Reality is a great option.


The AR experience alone is enough to give them a realistic experience even if they were miles away.


So trust me when I say that this isn’t a paid ad.


But you might want to check out Bonsai Media Group to figure out how they could help you achieve such an experience for your own clients.


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