Growth-Driven Design for an Educational Institution’s Enrollments by 65%

There is no doubt that websites are an AMAZING marketing tool in today’s day and age.


And if your business has no website yet, are you even a real business?


Look, I’m not here to mock you. But it’s a necessity now.


So if you already have a website or are looking to make one, this is the best place to start.



Because on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, we have Shannon Zastrow, the owner of Rocketship, revealing how he and his team were able to grow an educational institution’s enrollment by 65% for 2022.


And all this was made possible through a few website designing techniques and by writing the RIGHT CONTENT for the RIGHT AUDIENCE.


So in this episode, you will learn:

  • How web developers are doing it WRONG
  • What you could do to optimize your website


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I’m talking about your everyday web designer:


Build a website → Run it → Wait for 5 years → Rip it out of the internet → Build a new one → REPEAT.


Look, there’s totally nothing wrong when it comes to doing this.


It’s just that doing this leaves a HUGE GAP of ZERO IMPROVEMENTS.


“Still so many organizations, all they do is they go through this cycle every four or five years, ripping and replacing and totally overhauling their website.


And it’s a huge project. It consumes everybody’s resources for three to five months.  It’s very disruptive and then you sort of see them wipe it out and start fresh redesigns. And then what happens? It sits there for another four or five years. So you’ve got this very, very jagged, stair-step kind of a thing.


And in these long periods of three to five years, there’s very little evolution of the website and that’s not good.”


Pretty much everyone is doing this. 




How do you create a successful business website?




You can go with what everyone else is doing.


But Shannon and his team just do it differently.


What is Growth-Driven Design?


In this method, their work doesn’t happen in 5-year intervals.


Rather, it is a process of gradual improvement over time.


“What Growth-Driven design does is it says, start by putting a building on a growth optimized platform–


–you have to be on a program that’s conducive to and allows you to iterate and make these incremental changes and even evolve the design of the site without having to wipe it out and start fresh. 


And this is great because it makes it more manageable over time. And you get the benefit of these changes as soon as they occur incrementally every month”


Kind of reminds of one of my episodes with Mike Michalowikz where the best way to go around fixing problems is by fixing them ONE BY ONE. 


Watch the episode here.


You can take what you’ve learned here and use it to grow AN AMAZING WEBSITE, or you could shrug it off like it was nothing.


If you love the value that Shannon gave away, let me tell you that this is just the surface level.


Watch the full episode now, and make sure to leave any questions or comments you have about the episode.


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