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The population of digital marketers is skyrocketing like crazy these past few years.


I remember a time when digital marketing was something that many marketers feared.


But now, a huge percentage of the marketing budget is being allotted for digital marketing in most businesses.



In this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, discover the 3 big flaws of digital marketing that make marketers go back to how it used to be – but better.


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Digital Marketing is an amazing way to get your brand out there.


In fact, if you’ve been with me for quite a while, you would know that digital marketing is my bread and butter.


But when you think of it, digital marketing is also limited in a way that may affect your marketing and branding in the most subtle ways.


And that’s what we are going to talk about today.


Using the 5 Senses in Marketing


Let me paint you a picture–


You’re scrolling through Facebook and then you come across this amazing video ad, with great background music and the best copy in the world.


Let’s try to pinpoint which senses are working at that moment, shall we?


As you read the copy, you watch the images move and read the call to action, it is your sense of SIGHT that’s being stimulated.


As you hear the music and sound effects, it is your sense of HEARING that’s being stimulated.


So now let me ask, what’s going on with the other senses?


See, influencing human beings is a lot easier when all 5 senses are being stimulated at the same time.


This, being something that digital marketing can’t do (at least for now),

means going back to traditional methods like direct mail is a great way to trigger those 5 senses.


Tons of businesses out there include scents, music, graphics, different kinds of textures, and even little taste samples (if need be) in their mailing cards, boxes, etc.


And the best part: The sky’s the limit




Digital marketing also has its own kind of experience. Especially now that it has evolved, we have Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, that bring really cool experiences right into our mobile devices.


Having something tangible brings a whole different experience for anyone.


Mark, with one of his clients, was able to gamify a custom box that helped deliver a one-of-a-kind experience. 


“This is a client that has a challenge. It’s a two-week challenge. So a lot of people start to build a relationship and you position yourself as that trusted mentor. 


What this client was focused on was, “How do I teach you how to launch your own print-on-demand business?” And when he came to us, he had this vision of a flight recorder that turned into this detective theme. 


And the whole detective theme is– he wanted you to become an undercover detective on a mission to find the perfect print-on-demand store concept.”


Doing this was such an amazing experience for his students that he was able to increase his upfront sales by 2x and closed almost 2x for his upsell for a higher ticket program.




Now there’s no need to explain the science behind this because I know that you experience this too (perhaps it has something to do with the 5 senses):


It is a lot easier to remember something if it’s physically tangible.


“ Look at your bookshelf. Are there books that you have not even read? It’s just collecting dust, but you’re holding onto it.


You’re saving it. It is taking up real estate in your house. So we know that people say books, that’s a strategy.”


Having a card being sent to you may not mean anything to you initially.


But one day,  you end up being bored and you see this card sitting on your desk for weeks, so you end up reading it.


Tangibility has the ability to stay and remind you of an experience that Digital Marketing can’t replicate.


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