RV Rental Marketing Strategy that Grew Ondevan Campervan 146% with Luke Aulin

As the digital age evolves, more and more marketing channels arise.


And if your business doesn’t catch up to these channels, you can expect that you’re not heading anywhere but down.


However, based on experience and marketing experts, there are 2 extremely necessary marketing channels that every business MUST HAVE.


And honestly, I’m surprised that only a number of businesses have these…


That’s why in this episode, Luke Aulin, the CEO of RTOWN, reveals the two channels that helped him grow an RV Rental Business by 146% EVERY MONTH.



So as you read onwards, you will discover what these channels are and how you could use these channels to maximize your marketing opportunities. 


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The Importance of a Business Website


Having a website opens doors for your business.


For one, it makes your business appear to be more trustworthy since legitimate businesses nowadays invest in building websites.


Another benefit is having all of your basic information all in ONE PLACE in a way that expresses your business.


Look, anyone could create a Facebook or an Instagram page.


But it doesn’t really justify your business’ personality completely if you just leave it at that.


And if you do have a website, be sure to stay updated on the latest trends to keep your website fresh and user-friendly for your audience.


As a matter of fact, here’s a little element that you could include on your website RIGHT NOW that no doubt works.


It works for us and works for Luke and RTOWN: videos.


And not just videos, but VIDEO CASE STORIES.


Creating a website is also creating an experience for the people. 


“Just remember– most decisions are made from the emotional part of our brain. So whatever you can do around that piece, videos online are still the best space for that.”


Check out the AWESOME Video Case Story, that we worked on for RTOWN now!






SEO campaigns are a little bit more difficult without a website.


Owning a website where you can put blog posts, or whatever you like to help you rank better, without the control of a third-party platform, is the best real estate that you could offer for your business.



  • Can tell you how much you should be posting
  • Can control your language
  • Can tell you when to stop


Because your website is YOUR SPACE.


So if you’re running a business, you might want to consider these 2 MARKETING CHANNELS.


Because these two are going to give you the best long-term returns for your business.


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