Scale your Digital Agency fast with Partnerships with Alex Glenn of Partnerhub

Every agency owner wants to scale their agency in one way or another, especially once the system has already been established and is running smoothly.


You’d be a mad man if you wouldn’t want that for yourself.


That is why in this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Alex Glenn, the CEO of Partner Hub, reveals THE 5 WAYS TO EFFECTIVELY SCALE AND INCREASE PROFITS FOR YOUR DIGITAL AGENCY THROUGH  PARTNERSHIPS.



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Implementation Partners For Digital Marketing Services


Sometimes doing things in-house can be more damaging than just having a partner expert do those same tasks for you.


Because it just takes more time and  A LOT of expertise to train individuals in-house to successfully achieve the results that you’d want.


“Those are your HubSpot, Shopify– savvy experts in the solution that will go to a brand and say, ‘I can build that out.’”


In this partnership, there is equal growth for both the implementation partner and the business through time.


Pure Referral Partners


Pure Referral Partners are straight to the point and in most cases, you don’t have any control over it.


Pure Referrals take place when a total stranger agency refers clients to you perhaps because you’ve been at the top of their mind for services that you offer.


No formal agreements are made for any promotions.


So if you do get a pure referral partner, YOU’RE LUCKY.


Co-marketing and Co-Selling of Digital Marketing Services


In the world of digital advertising, being a jack of all trades won’t cut it for most agencies.


For you to succeed and grow, you need to specialize in a certain niche of digital advertising.


“It’s, “What are we doing specifically?” Not, “We’re a digital media agency that’s focused on traffic.”  No, you have to be a Shopify development agency, maybe dabble in CRO and SEO, maybe, but you’re really focused on that Shopify development and you become the best at it.”


But let’s just say that you’ve chosen to niche down on Facebook advertising, but in addition to Facebook ads, your client requires some attention with their Shopify website development– This is where co-marketing and co-selling happens.


In this scenario, you would be in need of another agency that is niched down to specialize in Shopify website development to cater to your client’s needs.


Being aware of those needs, you can take the time to partner up with different agencies.


So that when the time comes that they might need your service, or you might need theirs, it would already be easy to establish.


Reaching out to Agency Salespeople


If there is anyone who is THE MOST DEDICATED to growing and generating more revenue for an agency, that would be the agency’s sales personnel.


They are the ones who are on high alert for any opportunities for growth, therefore, they are the ones that you should be talking to for partnership opportunities. 


“Go into their sales team– into their DMs on LinkedIn. Set alerts and sales navigator. For every time one of your partner companies hires someone in the sales role, as soon as you get that alert, go into their direct messages and introduce yourself. Book a call because this salesperson, this account executive, they wanna do well in their job. They’re gonna get to know the partners as well.”


Building an Online Course with Digital Marketing Expertise


It may take a little bit more work, but why would we say no to more growth opportunities?


Building a course and partnering up with other agencies on building that course offers great opportunities for you and your partner.


You don’t only establish your credibility as THE EXPERT, but to some extent, your students who enroll in your course wouldn’t want to do things themselves.


“We see this a lot with agencies in the Shopify and HubSpot ecosystem, they often will create a robust course on how to do a full-funnel X, Y, Z, on top of Shopify.


They bring in multiple tech partners there. They’ve got multiple agencies that are featured in that course, and all those people inside the course are referring to the course.”


Look, people go crazy trying to figure out ways to grow their agencies only to be burned out.


But Alex Glenn just gave away these tips for FREE on his episode of the Garlic Marketing Show.


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