Maximizing Your Email Campaign Opportunities on HubSpot with Louis Garcia, Media Garcia

HubSpot can be a really powerful tool that could skyrocket your business if you use it properly.


But sometimes, looking at it from a different angle can drive crazy results.



On this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Louis Garcia, the Founder of Media Garcia, shows incredible techniques and diverse ways of using HubSpot to maximize email marketing opportunities for a SaaS company that he worked with.


So as you read further, you will DISCOVER…

  • Why YOU NEED to segment your audience
  • A POWERFUL email technique that you should use wisely
  • And how tracking your audience behavior can significantly improve your marketing opportunities


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The rule of thumb when trying to market is to be as personal as possible.


Many years ago, being extremely personal with your message was a little difficult. 


But now, with technological advancements and software to help (HubSpot), personalization is as easy as clicking a button.


HubSpot gives you the ability to segment your email list by putting tags on them, so you can craft better emails that are specially for them.


The first thing that Louis noticed with their client was how broad emails they were sending to their list were.


With emails having broad messages, they never really hit the spot for their audience.


“So where we came through with our recommendations was to actually segment their list out to different types of personas that they were looking to attract. So there were about two or three different kinds of key personas that they were looking to engage with.”


By doing this, they were able to identify the more specific messages that they wanted to send to their audience and became one step closer to being more personal.






Yes, you’re thinking about that correctly.


You would have to write EXTREMELY personalized emails for individual people in your list.




NO, you’re not writing for every person in your list.


You’re only going to pick specific individuals who have higher chances of converting to send those One-To-One Emails to.


And here’s how to find those people:


“When we noticed people, either opening, and clicking, particularly when they clicked on the emails and the links, but didn’t actually schedule the demo– those are the times where we said, ‘Well, they clicked on the demo link, but they didn’t book a time with you either. They didn’t wanna fill out the form because they didn’t wanna give you the information or they changed their minds. Or maybe they didn’t see a time on the calendar that worked for them.'”


By understanding a little bit more about the behavior of these people and their probable intentions, you can determine whether they’re worth sending One-To-One Emails to or not.


And speaking of behavior tracking:




Just to give you that extra bump of advantage, it pays to pay attention to how your list is moving whenever you send them your emails.


Because a good understanding of their behavior can help you determine the best steps for you to take with your campaign.


HubSpot gives you the ability to integrate your marketing tools to present your metrics into the Hubspot software itself to have better insights from your audience.


“So not only could you see your marketing information, your sales information, but also your customer information– how they’re using your tools. I think that would provide a SaaS company incredible value in being able to tag and segment their contacts even further to, you know, who are your power users, who are the people who haven’t used the tool in 60 days, 90 days, 120 days.”


Sometimes, Louis even likes to send One-To-One Emails to people in his list who seem to be unengaged.


But again, he chooses them WISELY.


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