Brand Loyalty is Dying. Why That’s Great for Your Business. Alex Melen, SmartSites

Oftentimes, marketers and business owners tend to focus too much on doing the more complex aspects of marketing. Because of this, they tend to ignore the most fundamental aspects of it.


That is why on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Alex Melen, the Co-Founder of SmartSite, teaches us about the big marketing mistakes that might KILL YOUR BUSINESS soon if you don’t stop.


These might be a little obvious to many of us, but even BIG BRANDS make these mistakes.


So a little reminder wouldn’t hurt.



As you read on, you will DISCOVER:

  • Why you should focus less on gathering new customers
  • Why your checkout system is ugly
  • The one thing that customers hate the most with bad customer service


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Focusing on Gaining NEW Customers


To an extent, this isn’t wrong, especially if you’re on the smaller side of the business spectrum.


But as you grow, it is likely that you will forget about CUSTOMER RETENTION.


You see, it is easier to keep a customer than it is to gain a new one.


Unfortunately, tons of bigger businesses fail to do this.


And this is the main reason why Revlon had to file for bankruptcy.


“They focus more on new client acquisition than client retention. So it’s a scary time. But on the flip side, it gives opportunities for new brands. And that’s again, why Revlon declared bankruptcy today–”


Poor customer retention of the company forced their current customers to just hop on to another brand that could take care of them better.


Creating a 12-Step Checkout System


In the dinosaur age, this was effective.


Now, it’s just a one-way ticket to an EXTREMELY HIGH bounce rate.


Nowadays, people want it fast.


Especially since the pandemic, people have improved technologies to make everything more seamless.


“Some industries haven’t really caught up with that. So go to their website, try to find ‘Trade-in my Car.’ Again, ‘Offer for my Car’ first, you have to find it, right? But then in most cases it’s gotta be a 10-step process– it just doesn’t work that way anymore.”


Respond to customers in 24 Hours


Imagine being on a website having no clue what to do.


Then you notice a little bubble on the lower-hand corner saying “Chat Support”.


To your excitement, you click it and ask for help.


But after 15 minutes of waiting— dead silence.


Frustrating, right?


Guess what? THAT HAPPENS.


And surprisingly too often for today’s day and age.


Whether it be on live chat or email, it is IMPORTANT to RESPOND at a reasonable time.


If you’re on live chat, be sure to reply immediately. If on email, try to keep it to under 24 Hrs.


Customers, as mentioned in the last point, are not accustomed to slow processes any more. 




Otherwise, they’re bouncing off faster than you could even say goodbye– literally.


Keeping these things in mind IS CRUCIAL.


Because avoiding these mistakes can either make or break your business.


And did I mention cost you a ton?


Alex Melen shares a lot more about these mistakes that you should DEFINITELY AVOID on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show.


So be sure to check it out.


Watch the full episode now, and make sure to leave any questions or comments you have about the episode.


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