Stephan Spencer’s Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Expert

If you want your business to succeed, then it is a great idea to invest in SEO.


Although SEO does not guarantee instant results, it is still the best way to generate organic traffic for your business in the long term.


That is why on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, our special guest Stephan Spencer, renowned SEO expert and CEO of NetConcepts reveals the unspoken tips and tricks for SEO on Google and YouTube that he personally uses for himself and his clients.



So as you read further, you will discover:

  • How to optimize old websites for effective SEO
  • One content strategy that will remain relevant for A LONG TIME
  • A secret hack to writing comprehensive content for SEO
  • One method to write on relevant topics to STAND OUT
  • What works: Quality or Quantity?


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SEO is a challenging topic to discuss and implement.


Luckily, Stephan was kind enough to reveal some tips and tricks to help you and your business win the SEO game.




This is a concept that Stephan likes to refer to as Content Pruning.


The idea is simple.


Any irrelevant or outdated content on your website should either be taken out or archived– whichever suits you best.


This is important to keep your SEO clean and straightforward to avoid confusing Google about your content message.


But a little trick to help identify whether a piece of content is irrelevant is to observe the status quo of your topic.


So if you’re announcing some new update about some software that you’re selling and that’s 15 versions ago, it’s irrelevant. Nobody cares.”


That is why understanding the context and having a good amount of knowledge in your niche is an additional edge when pruning content.


And since we’re on the topic of content, Stephan has introduced two interesting ways to create RELEVANT CONTENT for SEO:




Probably the most difficult part of SEO is writing AMAZING content that stays relevant.


And it’s not every day that we come up with an eureka moment for content.


So Stephan introduced TWO ways to generate content and both are equally brilliant.


To create TIMELESS content, you could never go wrong with EVERGREEN CONTENT.


This could be content that talks about the most fundamental parts of your niche that have nothing to do with trends or fads.


On the other hand, another technique was introduced: The Skyscraper Method.


Now, this isn’t really new to us if you’ve been an avid fan of the Garlic Marketing Show, because one of our recent guests, Rebekah Edwards also talked about the Skyscraper method, which you can watch right here.


But just to fill you in on the Skyscraper method, it basically talks about borrowing content from other content pieces and adding on top of them to create a more unique piece for that same topic.


It is easy and effective to put out unique content which you could try right now.




I’m sure you’ve heard of Gary Vee (Who hasn’t?!)


And I’m sure that you’re very familiar with how he promotes putting out content in quantity rather than quality.


This is GREAT in many aspects of content creation.


However, Stephan has a contradicting idea:


“It’s not about the frequency of content writing. It’s the quality of it. If you’re going to invest time, let’s say every week to write something, make it valuable enough that it stands head and shoulders above all your competitors.”


I’m not saying that you should ONLY put out quality over quantity. 


But take it from the expert himself, Stephan Spencer, that quality works best when trying to rank in SEO.




There are TWO mistakes that I noticed with SEO content.


The first one is that people focus on Keyword density, and the other is that people write content that focuses on the surface level of their topic.


“It never worked well. It might have worked with lesser search engines like Infoseek or something like that. But Google, it never worked well. Keyword density was never a thing that was valuable.”


It’s about writing content that dives deep into the topic and includes LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Index).


Diving deep into the topic allows you to tap into related terms of your topic.


“I think one of the key things to think about is, ‘How comprehensive am I going with this content piece,’ and really kind of map out what those related topics are, or LSI keywords are so that you hit it.”


Instead of focusing on writing at a surface level, or keyword density, focus on showcasing a deeper understanding of the topic which then gives you an opportunity to use related terms that helps push you higher up the search ranking.


There is so much more to discover about SEO from the SEO Expert himself: Stephan Spencer, on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show.


Watch the full episode now, and make sure to leave any questions or comments you have about the episode.


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