Best Customer Survey Questions to Improve Client Retention with Dr. Matt Champagne

Are you conducting your surveys the right way? 


You might be surprised to find out that you’re not getting the most accurate data if you’re not following best practices. 



In this episode, we’ll go over:

  • Why conducting surveys the wrong way can lead to inaccurate data
  • Big mistakes most people make when conducting surveys
  • Tips on how to conduct surveys correctly.


So whether you’re a business owner who wants to gather feedback from customers or a marketer who needs information for a campaign, make sure you read on.


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Conducting a survey is a great way to GATHER INFORMATION about what your customers want and need. 


However, there are a few survey-conducting mistakes that can really HARM your business. 


“So there’s just this lack of systematic study of what’s going on. So much of it is taking people’s word for it. 


There’s like, ‘Oh, I use this technique. I use this formula. This is the formula that works.’ 


But there’s really nothing to back it up except testimonials. It’s so different coming from a science background where everything you said was challenged.”


These mistakes can cause biased results, inaccurate data, and false interpretations, leading to the failure of improving your business for your customers.




One such mistake is conducting a survey that is too long. 


This will bore the respondents and they are likely to stop taking the survey before finishing, which will give the business inaccurate data. 


Another mistake is to ask vague questions.


Again, this will lead to inaccurate results as respondents will interpret the questions in different ways. 


Finally, not announcing the survey results is a BIG mistake. 


“The key is we’d ask a question on Monday,  and then on Friday, we’d say ‘Oh, great to hear from everyone. Here were the top five answers we heard– here were the five biggest challenges all you travel agents are facing. Just thought you’d like to see what your colleagues are doing.’ Then  you got their attention. They’re like, ‘Wow. My voice was heard. What I said made a difference.’ 


The next week we would ask them another question on a survey and at the end of the week we’d share the results.”


This means that businesses miss out on an opportunity to show their customers that they are taking their feedback seriously and working to improve their service. 


By avoiding these mistakes, survey conductors can ensure that they get accurate and useful feedback from their customers.




The way to avoid mistakes in your survey is by…


  • being more specific with your questions 
  • making it short and straight to the point
  • announcing the results after the answers are received and tallied


These three things are important in making your survey more effective and successful. 


First, being more specific with your questions will allow you to get the right answers that you need without ambiguity. 


Next, making it short will keep respondents from getting bored or frustrated, and they are more likely to answer all the questions truthfully. 


Finally, announcing the results by the end of the tallying of data ensures that everyone knows what the outcome was and can provide feedback if necessary. 


Following these tips by Dr. Matt Champagne will help you avoid making mistakes when conducting a survey.


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