Amazon Ads Course for Nonfiction Books with Alex Strathdee

Everyone knows what Facebook and Instagram advertising are.


If you ask anyone, I bet that they could say a thing or two about them.


But when it comes to Amazon Ads, we barely know a thing.



That’s why in this special episode of the Garlic Marketing Show Book Series, Alex Strathdee, the Founder of Advanced Amazon Ads, teaches us all about Amazon Ads. He also dives into some specific things that people SHOULD KNOW about it.


Discover the 3 things you might not know about Amazon Ads for book authors as you read forward.


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I know.


Your mom or parents can be really supportive at times.


But frankly, chances are their support might lead to the slowing down of your book sales in this scenario.


That might have sounded a little harsh, but let me explain further.


If you write books that are all about MARKETING– unless your mom is an avid marketing fan who buys all sorts of marketing books, according to Alex Strathdee, she might as well just not purchase it.


See, Amazon’s algorithm is dependent on RELEVANCE. This means Amazon gathers data from the average person who purchases your book to better promote your book to people who are just like them.


If your whole family, friends, neighbors, or the like, get your book, Amazon might end up confused.


Because it is with 100% certainty that they’re not the actual audience that you’re trying to show your books to.


Thus, Amazon will instead show your book to random people who may or may not be interested in what you have to sell them, dragging your relevance down.


“What you need is 300 strangers to buy your book. Amazon is going to read profile data, right? They know who’s bought your book. And so they can start to actually make good recommendations with those broadened auto campaigns.”




“Should I run Amazon ads before I launch my book?”


The answer to that: IT DEPENDS.


If you’re a big author who has been in the market for quite a while, building good traction, there are no problems with running a pre-launch Amazon ads campaign.




If you’re still in the process of building your name, it is most advisable not to do it.


“If you’re an author who doesn’t quite have that name yet, people are going to see your book and see that it’s not ready for another three months. They’re going to go scroll down, they’re going to look at the products being advertised on your book, and they’re going to go buy one of those books. So I would not recommend.”




Being experienced in running ads for authors on Amazon, Alex has picked up quite a lot from his journey.


And one of them is understanding what books are working best in the market right now.


So I figured, maybe for your next release, you could have your book fall within these 4 categories to HIT THAT MARKET DEMAND:

  • Trauma
  • Recovery
  • Self-Development
  • Real Estate


Alex has talked A TON about Amazon Ads Golden nuggets in this episode. 


So if you’re looking to launch your own book really soon, you definitely have to watch the episode now!


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