Create a Book Proposal to Get an Agent and Get Published with Lisa Tener

It’s no secret that a well-crafted book proposal is the key to landing a publishing contract. 


But what makes one proposal more successful than another? 



On this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, we have “The Book Coach” Lisa Tener revealing industry secrets, that not many book authors know, to submit a successful book proposal and get their book accepted by publishers.


So whether you’re just starting out on your writing journey or you’re ready to submit your next proposal, as you read on, you will discover:

  • The important aspects of a book proposal
  • Book proposal must-haves
  • The importance of a cover page
  • What is a splash page, and why you should perfect it


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A Cover Page is Your First Impression


A book proposal is important because it’s the first thing an editor or agent will see. 


The cover page should include the book title, your name, and contact information. 


This will give the editor or agent a general sense of what the book is about and whether it’s something they’re interested in. 


Remember, you only have one chance to make a good impression, so make sure your book proposal is well-organized and includes all of the important information.


That is why Lisa has suggested two points to include on your cover page:


It’s your first chance to make a good impression on the publisher, so you need to make sure that your book title is catchy and suggests that your book has a wide reach. 


A good book title can be the difference between getting published and being rejected, so it’s important to choose carefully.


 Keep in mind that your book title will be competing with countless other titles, so it needs to be eye-catching and memorable. 


With a little thought and creativity, you can come up with a book title that will help your book stand out from the crowd.


Write a Splash Page that Has What They Want


If you’re working on a book proposal, one of the most important elements is the splash page. 


This is the page where you summarize the book for the publisher. 


It’s your chance to make a great first impression and sell them on your book.


Splash pages usually include the book’s title, subtitle, the author’s name, a brief summary of the book’s premise, and an endorsement or two from other authors or experts in the field. 


You might also include information about your platform or marketing plans. 


The important thing is to include all the key information that will help convince the publisher to take a chance on your book. 


So take some time to craft a well-written, persuasive splash page for your book proposal – it could make all the difference in getting your book published.


Write an AMAZING Overview Page


One way to do this is to include an overview of your book that really sells its scope and reach. 


Include statistics or other information that shows just how far your book could go. 


You can also highlight platforms that you could use to promote your book- like podcasts or speaking events. 


If you have a large social media following, be sure to mention that as well. 


A strong book proposal is essential for getting your book published, so don’t neglect these important steps.


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