Creating a Successful Infomercial in 2022 From OxiClean’s Infomercial Man (and over 100 infomercials), Jon LaClare

There’s a reason why OxiClean is one of the best-selling cleaning products out there. 


It’s because the company has employed a universal yet effective sales strategy that targets both consumers and business owners. 


By catering to both markets, OxiClean has found success in a competitive industry. 


If you’re looking to create a best-selling product or service of your own, then you’d be wise to borrow this same strategy that Jon LaClare, the CEO of Harvest Growth revealed to us on his episode of the Garlic Marketing Show.


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If you’re in sales, you know that the key to success is always adapting to your audience. 


You have to be able to read the room and adjust your sales strategy on the fly. 


However, there’s one sales strategy that tends to work no matter who your customer is. 


And that’s the basics. 


You might be thinking, “The basics? That sounds too easy.” 


But trust me, the reason this sales strategy is so effective is that it’s so intuitive. 


People tend to overlook the basics because they seem too simple. 


But that’s exactly why you should use this sales strategy as a reminder that most of the time, the basics still win.




Many salespeople make the mistake of thinking that their product is the only thing that matters. 


However, the fact is that people don’t buy products, they buy solutions. 


In order to be successful, you need to first understand the problem that your potential customers are facing. 


Only then can you show them how your product is the perfect solution. 


By taking the time to truly understand your audience, you’ll be able to make sales without even having to hard sell your product. 


Instead, you’ll simply be providing a solution to a problem that they didn’t even know they had.




Once you have their attention by understanding their problem, you can now present the solution to them. 


Keep in mind that your solution should be tailored specifically to their needs- generic solutions will not be as effective. 


If you can show them that you have a thorough understanding of their problem and that you have a targeted solution, you’ll be well on your way to making the sale.


Obviously, this is only a glimpse of the actual value that Jon shared with us in his episode. 


So feel free to listen to the full episode here, on Spotify, or on Apple podcasts.