The Stories Business Owners Tell Themselves with Lisa Bloom

There’s something special about storytelling. It has the ability to change the way we see the world – and even ourselves. 



As humans, we’re hard-wired for storytelling. We love to hear stories, and we love to tell them too. 


In fact, storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication there is. 


It’s been around since the beginning of time, and it’s not going away anytime soon. 


Why is that? 


Because storytelling has a power like no other form of communication. It can change lives. 


It can make us see the world in a different light. And it can help us understand ourselves better than ever before. 


And on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, we’ve invited Lisa Bloom, the founder of Story Coach, to talk to us about how we could change our perspective in life through stories.


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It’s an age-old question: is there such a thing as absolute truth? 


It seems like whenever two people have a disagreement, someone is always claiming that they know the “truth” – but what does that even mean? 


In reality, truth is often subjective, and what one person considers to be true may not align with what someone else believes. 


This is especially evident in storytelling. 


Every story has multiple sides, and it’s up to the reader or viewer to decide which perspective they believe. 


Even if a story is based on real events, there will always be different interpretations of what happened. 


“We have a story that we tell, it’s the outer story. It’s our marketing, it’s the way we talk about what we do, it’s the kind of impact we have on others.


And then there’s the story we tell ourselves. And what I’ve come to see is that if there is no integration between those two stories, then the result is that the outer story doesn’t feel authentic and authenticity is something that you can’t really fake.”


But what if you could use different interpretations of your story to change your mindset, ultimately changing your life?




Intrusive thoughts are like a dark cloud that follows you around, constantly whispering negative things in your ear. 


It’s easy to believe these lies because they seem so logical at the time.


However, it’s important to remember that these thoughts are not the truth. They are simply a product of your own mind, and they do not reflect reality. 


The next time you find yourself caught up in an intrusive thought, take a step back and remind yourself that it is not the truth. 


Don’t let negative thoughts control your life – instead, take control of your own story and write the ending that you want.




Yes, it’s true that every story has another perspective–the outer perspective. 


This is the more objective, perhaps kinder version of the story that mostly just reports on what is actually happening. 


It is not as biased as the inner perspective, and so it can be more motivating. 


It can also help us to understand other people’s points of view and to be more compassionate. 


So, when we are feeling stuck in our own stories, it can be helpful to remember that there is always another story: THE OUTER STORY.


Life is already hard as it is, and that is why you need to change your narrative.


Once you do, life will be in a better light that will make you do better.


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