3 Best Investments for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs with Jackson Milan

Financial planning is a long-term process. 


The first thing that people get wrong is thinking that financial planning is an overnight solution to all their money problems.


It’s not something you do once and then it’s done, or even something that happens once per year or every few years. 


Instead, it’s an ongoing process involving regular meetings with your advisor to discuss your goals, strategies, and plans for achieving them in the future—and then making adjustments if necessary.



That’s why I brought The Wealth Mentor Jackson Milan onto the Garlic Marketing Show to discuss the 3 best investments for a business owner and entrepreneur.


“There was definitely no financial freedom and I realized something was wrong. I realized that my parents were working for money as opposed to money working for them. They were battlers and they survived. So I set out to try and break the mold and create a catalyst for change.”


Developing a Financial Plan


Financial planning is about developing a plan that works for you and your business. 


It’s about listening to what you want and need, then helping you find ways to achieve those goals.


The first step in this process is to sit down with an advisor who can help you create a financial plan. 


This meeting should include discussions with your financial coach about your goals, values, and priorities as well as your current financial situation and future plans. 


It also involves creating a budget to determine what you’re currently spending versus what you could be saving if you change some habits or make other adjustments.


Your financial coach is your support system throughout your financial freedom journey.


“I started calling myself a Wealth Coach and I built a system to educate my clients about the language of money to put them into their financial driver’s seat and help them manufacture financial freedom in 10 years or less. By doing so, I’ve been able to scale a number of multi-seven figure businesses for myself.”


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Typical Financial Planning Does Not Work for Traditional Entrepreneurs


Learn how to invest in yourself.


Don’t lose focus on your goals so you can speed up your journey.


Losing your focus may lead you to stray away from financial freedom even more. 


“In the entrepreneurial space and contrast with traditional financial planning and why traditional financial planning typically doesn’t work for entrepreneurs is that the cornerstone of traditional financial planning is based on shrinking yourself wealthy. 


If I just eat cat food for dinner for the next 40 years and save every last cent, I’m gonna be able to retire comfortably.”


Planning your next move is the best course of action.


When you don’t allow yourself to relax, recuperate, and celebrate your wins, do you think you’ll be able to enjoy the journey to financial freedom?


To live within your means is to live comfortably. 


Your Best Wealth Creation Tool as a Business Owner


When you look at your finances, you might think that your business is your only wealth-creation tool.


Well, you might be wrong on that one.


“Your business is not the destination, it is a vehicle. It’s a wealth-creation vehicle. It’s like a hammer or a screwdriver, a phenomenal one.


It’s a tool that gets the job done. Your income and your wealth are all vehicles until we define the destination. We cannot work out the appropriate vehicle, the magnitude of that vehicle, where that vehicle needs to take. So, if you don’t define that, it is remiss of you and it means you’re flying completely blind.”


Your best wealth creation tool as a business owner is a financial advisor who understands your business.


Your best wealth creation tool as a business owner is a financial advisor who understands your industry.


Your best wealth creation tool as a business owner is a financial advisor who understands you.


The most important thing about having someone on your side when it comes to money, and especially investing money, is that they can help guide you toward achieving goals and making smart decisions in order to get there—in other words: helping with the decision-making process.


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