3-Part Coaching Business Marketing Plan WITHOUT ADS in 2023 with Mitch Russo

If you’re like most business owners, you want to attract more clients. But how?


There are lots of ways to market your business, but one of the most effective is asking THE ONE QUESTION that Mitch Russo asks.



“Those guests [on my podcast] are my perfect client avatar. 


When I interview somebody on my show, I spend the hour celebrating their incredible life, highlighting all their accomplishments, and showing off to my listeners this amazing individual and all the work that they’ve done to build an incredible life. 


At the end of the interview, I ask one simple question. That question is, ‘Do you have a few minutes for me to share with you what it is that I do?’ Because of reciprocity, I’ve never heard anyone say no. 


With that one question, I have closed more coaching businesses for both certification and for coaching than almost any other single mechanism I have.”


By reciprocating your client’s enthusiasm and curiosity, they will be glad to talk to you more.


Make sure to use your time wisely.


You can use this question as a transition into talking about your business. If they seem interested, you can give them the information about where to reach you.


Be patient, not pushy.


If the person you ask this question to is not interested in what you have to say, don’t force the issue. Graciously move on to someone else.


Always remember to end with a strong offer.


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Video case stories (and if you aren’t sure why we prefer case stories over testimonials, read here) are one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses today. 


They provide potential customers with an insight into your company and its products or services while building trust and credibility.


“When someone starts inquiring about my services, one of the first things I do is ask, ‘Well, have you visited my website? Have you looked at the testimonials? Because that will tell you the kind of work that I do.’


Instead of me trying to tell them what I do, I want them to discover what I do through the words of my clients.”


Let people discover your business and your services through your clients’ video case stories.  


When used correctly, video case stories can help increase sales and inquiries. 


If you are thinking about using video case stories, here are a few tips to get you started:


  1. Make sure the video is high quality and professional looking. This will ensure that people take your company seriously and are more likely to trust what you have to say.


  1. Keep the video short and to the point. Potential customers are unlikely to watch a long video, so make sure you get your message across quickly and effectively.


  1. Use real people in your videos. This will help to create a more personal connection with potential customers and make them feel like they can relate to your company.


  1. Be genuine and sincere. People can spot a fake testimonial from a mile away, so make sure that your video is authentic and believable.


  1. Ask your customers specific questions. This will help to elicit more detailed and useful responses that potential customers can really benefit from.


By following these tips, you can create video testimonials that are truly effective in promoting your business.


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