Optimizing Your Affiliate Program to Earn 800 New Monthly Sales in 3 Months with Philip Hill

Both affiliate marketing and SEO are ways of making money from your website. Both require you to create content, but their different approaches can help you reach a wider audience.


SEO involves using keywords or phrases that are relevant to your niche and page content in order to rank higher in search engines like Google or Bing. 



Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, works by sending potential customers directly to another website where they can purchase products from the company selling them (you). 


The affiliate program often compensates affiliates with commissions based on sales they generate through their websites or social media platforms—or both.


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How do they optimize affiliate programs?


Most, if not all, marketers have ways to create engaging content.


You need to create content, but this doesn’t mean you need to write or publish a book or blog post.


You can use SEO and affiliate marketing together in many different ways. 


One of the most common ways is by creating content that’s related to your product or service and then promoting it through an affiliate link. 


Content is king because it’s what people come back for when they visit your site again—and if they don’t like what you offer, there goes their business.


“So it looks to Google like we’re not manipulating, trying to build links we’re in, which we like. None of our links are spammy, like traditional link building. But we still can’t have exact match anchor texts go into the specific product pages that you’re trying to optimize for and rank.”




One of the lingering questions is: how to grow your affiliate program?


You need to know the best practices, but also know when something is not working as well. 


“With our affiliate program, we build out all of these links, like hundreds of links very quickly over the first few months. We wanna bring on a few hundred affiliates, right? So you get all these links that are coming from creatives and banners that we’ve created- different anchor texts within the link. Some of it is branded, some of it is about the product, like it’s all over the place. When we come in with our traditional SEO link building, we can be so tactical with it because the backlink profile looks so natural.”


You can’t just do anything and expect it to work because there are too many factors that go into making a website successful.


It’s important to find out what doesn’t work for you so that you can improve the results for yourself and others who might be interested in using SEO or affiliate marketing tactics with their own websites or businesses.




With the 3 phases to getting success, SEO and affiliate marketing are both dynamic, which means they can be changed as needed. 


For example, if you notice that a keyword is no longer relevant for your business or site content, then you’ll want to adjust the way it appears in search results.


“You have a marketer, somebody hires a marketing manager and they want them to do all of these different things and they oversee their social, their search, all their paid, and their email.”


If someone searches for “best dog food” and finds a page of links from other websites like yours (or even just another blog post), then those links will help them find other information about dog food that might interest them—and maybe even convince them to buy some at checkout.




Consistency is the key to success. 


Both SEO and affiliate marketing require hard work and patience, but they also require you to be consistent in your work. 


If you want to be successful with either of these two strategies, you need to make sure that every time you do something related to one of these methods (for example: creating content), it’s going to be done right or at least close enough so that someone else would think the same way as well.


It takes time before anyone sees changes in their website or blog posts because there are many factors involved: traffic generation (SEO), traffic acquisition (affiliate marketing) etc. If done correctly then this will bring results quickly; otherwise, it might take longer than expected.


But most importantly what matters most here is consistency—doing things consistently over time until eventually seeing results from those efforts, all the way up to 28x ROI.


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