Tax Resolution Marketing in 2023 with Michael Rozbruch

Introduction to Michael Rozbruch and Direct Response Marketing


In this podcast episode, we hear from Michael Rozbruch, a direct response marketing expert who has seen success with his clients. Michael is the founder of Roz Strategies, which teaches licensed professionals such as CPAs and attorneys how to add or expand their firms. He emphasizes that people buy personalities, attitude, and other qualities, not just credentials, and recommends direct response marketing for success.


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Tax Resolution Success Summit: A 3-Day Virtual Event to Learn Effective Marketing Strategies


Michael encourages everyone to attend the Tax Resolution Success Summit, a 3-day virtual event in August that covers marketing, client consultations, and strategy shortcuts to resolve tax cases. Attendees can expect to learn how to identify and qualify qualified clients, how to speak to them, how to take them through consultation, what to charge for all the different collection alternatives, and how to get paid before the client’s case is settled. The event will feature speakers like Diamond Dallas Page and Nick Morgan, who will talk about Google profile setup and Google Ads, Parm Kandi, who will help teach shortcuts and solutions, and Dave D, who will talk about one-to-many sales.


Michael’s Marketing Strategies for Acquiring New Clients


Michael grew his successful, multi-million dollar tax resolution practice by constantly marketing through Facebook and YouTube ads, direct mail, and content marketing. He recommends optimizing both a Google Business Profile and Map, as well as direct mail based on the IRS’s PTIN database every month. Michael’s strategy to acquire new clients was to go negative in spending if necessary, as long as he knew the lifetime value of each client and their ascension ladder. He also emphasizes the importance of teams answering the phone quickly and following up consistently.


Key Learnings for Successful Marketing in Tax Resolution Firms


Key learnings from Michael include having an understanding of cost per lead, cost per acquisition, and lifetime value, never taking your foot off the gas pedal, utilizing direct mail (3 times), optimizing referral sources, and learning the business of tax resolution. By following these marketing strategies, tax resolution firms can acquire and retain clients, increase revenue, and ultimately achieve success.




In conclusion, Michael Rozbruch provides valuable insights into direct response marketing for tax resolution firms. Attendees of the Tax Resolution Success Summit can learn effective marketing strategies and shortcut solutions to resolve tax cases. By optimizing Google profiles, utilizing direct mail, and understanding key metrics such as cost per lead and lifetime value, tax resolution firms can achieve success in their marketing efforts.


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