Luke Charlton Used One Sentence to Take Coach from $150k to $600k in Monthly Revenue

How Luke Charlton Built a Successful Ad Campaign and Offer for High Ticket Service Professionals

Luke Charlton, the Founder of, specializes in crafting successful offers and scaling advertising campaigns for high-ticket service professionals.

In this episode of The Garlic Marketing Show, Luke shares his experience in working with coaches and consultants, the importance of building an offer, and what works in advertising. Luke has spent over 20 million dollars on scaling campaigns for coaches through paid ads and has a wealth of knowledge on creating effective marketing campaigns.

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From 9-to-5 Job to Marketing Expertise


Luke started off in a 9-to-5 job but found it monotonous, leading him to personal training and eventually life coaching. His natural ability for copywriting led him to learn paid traffic from a mentor in 2016. Since then, he has spent over 20 million dollars on scaling campaigns for coaches via paid ads. According to Luke, copywriting is the most important marketing skill because it gives you power and control in your life.


Discovering the Power of Copywriting


Luke’s “aha” moment came when he realized copywriting gave him power over his life and the ability to make money. He found copywriting to be addictive as it gave him the power to earn money by sitting down and writing words. He credits his mentor Ben Settle for teaching him the importance of copywriting.


The Importance of Building an Offer


Luke Charlton discussed the importance of building an offer and shared his experience in working with coaches and consultants. A successful campaign begins with understanding the market and speaking in their language. It is important to research the market and know the competitors before creating an offer to ensure its success. Paid advertising can be used to test out an offer relatively quickly: look at click costs, appointment costs, and sales conversion rates for success.


Crafting Effective Messages


Pitfalls of marketing include not understanding the target market language and making assumptions about what will make an offer successful. The “Curse of Coaching Knowledge” means that experts often need help crafting effective messaging for their offers. It’s important to have an awareness of how the message resonates with the audience and hire someone experienced to help craft it.


Luke Charlton’s Success Story


Luke Charlton helped a client increase their monthly revenue from 150K to 600K+ with just one sentence changed on their offer. He identified the unique mechanism that was unique to the market and placed it at the forefront of the ad campaign. He recommends identifying a unique mechanism that sets you apart from competitors and using the customer’s own language in copywriting.


Luke’s podcast, The 15 Minute Client, shares 10-minute episodes almost daily. In this episode, he discussed spending 20+ million in ads for clients, a 7-step offer framework, appointment funnels, and 100-dollar ad offer tests. He also talked about the power of understanding customer problems and using customer stories to learn offers.


Free Consultation Calls are Available


Luke Charlton helps high-ticket service professionals scale their advertisement campaigns to far greater heights. The ideal person for Luke to help is already running an ad campaign that’s converting. Free consultation calls are available via Luke’s Free Game Plan site – ideally suited to people already running ads. Luke offers a free one-on-one consultation via his website, to review game plans and optimize campaigns.

Luke Charlton has a wealth of knowledge on creating successful ad campaigns and offers for high-ticket service professionals. His success stories, including helping one client triple her business with one sentence, showcase the power of effective marketing campaigns. His podcast, The 15-Minute Client, is a great resource for those looking to improve their consulting and advertising.


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