Prospecting B2B Companies for Consultants and Agencies in 2024 with David Newman

Explore effective B2B sales and marketing strategies with insights from David Newman of Do It Marketing. Discover how to thrive amidst economic uncertainties with proven techniques and resilient practices.



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The Three Ps of Prospecting Success


David emphasized the importance of being persistent, patient, and positive. In a world where every other email is a sales pitch, standing out means personalizing your approach. Think about it – would you rather chat with a friend or a sales robot?


The Head Trash Dilemma


We all have it – that nagging voice telling us we’re not good enough. David’s take? Chuck that trash out! Realize your value and remember the successes and praises you’ve earned. Your services aren’t just ‘nice-to-haves’; they’re essential problem-solving tools.


Keeping the Pedal to the Metal

In uncertain times, it’s tempting to hit the brakes on your marketing efforts. But here’s the twist – these are the golden opportunities! While others are pulling back, it’s your chance to surge ahead. Be the beacon of hope and stability for your clients.


The Power of Community and Support


Don’t go at it alone! Surround yourself with folks who are a couple of steps ahead in the game. Their insights and experiences can be invaluable in steering your ship through choppy waters.


Cutting Through the Noise


David underlined the significance of acknowledging the current market chaos in your communication. It shows you’re tuned in and not just following a dated script. And when you’re in sync with your prospects’ realities, you’re more likely to strike a chord.


The Price is Right… or is it?


A common pitfall in the service industry is undervaluing your offerings. David’s advice? Don’t be shy to charge what you’re worth. After all, if you don’t value your services, why should your clients?

In essence, thriving in uncertain times is all about mindset and strategy. Keep your head high, and your strategies sharp, and remember – action eliminates fear.


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