Forget the Galas and 5Ks – Donor-Centric Fundraising Could Unlock Nonprofit Growth

Join us as Greg Warner of sheds light on innovative fundraising techniques that resonate with today’s donors. His experience reveals critical insights into adapting nonprofit strategies for better engagement and results.



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Why Traditional Fundraising Falls Short

Greg traces his path from leading a dynamic marketing agency to shaking up the nonprofit world. He points out how conventional fundraising tactics can alienate donors, stressing the need for a more thoughtful approach.


The Power of Donor-Driven Strategies

Greg champions a refreshed perspective on fundraising: see each donation as a crucial exchange that values the donor’s intent and passion. This approach nurtures deeper connections and fosters donor loyalty.


Tech as a Tool for Personalized Engagement

Learn how integrating technology can transform interactions with donors. Greg discusses using data to craft messages that resonate personally with each donor, enhancing the effectiveness of fundraising campaigns.


Navigating Modern Fundraising Challenges

Greg introduces the idea of ‘fundraising climate change’—a reduction in donor numbers despite increasing overall donations. He explains how unsatisfactory donor experiences and new giving platforms are reshaping donor expectations and behaviors.


Maximizing Impact with High-Capacity Donors

Greg advises focusing on high-capacity donors to maximize fundraising efforts. He suggests adopting an entrepreneurial mindset to cultivate and deepen these valuable relationships, significantly boosting fundraising outcomes.

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