Jeffrey Barnes On Walt Disney’s REAL Super Power and How to Use it As Your Business

Jeffrey Barnes has taken a unique path from being a history teacher to an author who draws deep lessons from Walt Disney’s life. With 22 years of teaching U.S. history and government under his belt, Jeffrey created the world’s first college course on the history of Disneyland. His journey did not stop in the classroom; it evolved into writing his acclaimed books, “The Wisdom of Walt” and its sequel. These works explore how Disney’s principles can be applied to modern business and personal development.



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Facing Challenges with Determination


Despite having no previous experience in writing books and facing a life-threatening brain tumor, Barnes’ determination didn’t waver. He channeled his inner Walt Disney, who famously said, “You don’t change the world by doing what’s always been done.” Inspired by this mantra, Jeffrey completed his first book in just 142 days, turning it into a bestseller and sparking a new career path as a motivational speaker and author.


Lessons from Walt: Innovation and Customer Focus


In his books and talks, Barnes emphasizes Disney’s relentless innovation and his obsessive focus on customer experience. These elements made Disney a legendary figure in both the entertainment industry and the business world at large. By adopting these principles, businesses today can cultivate a strong vision and create memorable, impactful customer interactions.


Weekly Inspiration: Wednesdays with Walt


For those looking to dive deeper into Disney’s philosophy, Jeffrey offers “Wednesdays with Walt,” a weekly blog that shares ongoing insights and stories about Disney’s methods and their application in today’s business landscape. This series is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to inject a bit of magic into their practices.


Carrying Forward Disney’s Legacy


Jeffrey Barnes reminds us that Walt Disney’s legacy is not just about entertainment—it’s about inspiring others to pursue their dreams with courage and creativity. By exploring Barnes’ interpretations of Disney’s strategies, business professionals can learn how to adapt these timeless principles to their own ventures, ensuring their work is not only productive but also profoundly impactful.


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