Monkees Transforms Franchisee Email Marketing by Connecting Heartland to Klaviyo

Ever wonder why shoppers leave their carts behind just before checking out? We tackled this e-commerce enigma on a recent Garlic Marketing Show with Joe Rollinson, CEO of Best Worlds and founder of Joe shared some smart strategies to help turn those abandoned carts into successful sales.



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The Cart Abandonment Challenge


“70% of all e-commerce carts get abandoned,” Joe pointed out during our chat. That’s a lot of missed opportunities! He dove into how he uses big data, like integrating 4 million tickets into Klaviyo, to better understand and re-engage these potential buyers, particularly the big spenders or ‘whales’ as Drew Sanocki likes to call them.


A Simple Fix with Big Results


It’s often the small changes that make the biggest difference. Joe highlighted a straightforward tactic that’s been a game changer—introducing a popup that has boosted cart recovery rates by 50%. “Just one simple popup… and we’ve seen a huge turnaround,” Joe explained. It’s about making it as easy as possible for customers to finish their purchase.


Success Stories from the Front Lines


Joe didn’t just share theories; he brought real-life success stories to the table. From Alchemy Bikes to Dolphin Scuba, companies are seeing real results by applying these tactics. Joe walked us through how these tools and techniques have been implemented, showcasing the direct impact on sales and customer engagement.


Learning from the Best


Joe credits much of his strategy to insights from Drew Sanocki, a respected figure in e-commerce marketing. Drawing on Drew’s philosophy, Joe discussed how focusing on customer retention through targeted strategies can significantly boost your business’s long-term success.


Your Next Steps to E-Commerce Mastery


This episode was packed with actionable advice for anyone looking to decrease cart abandonment and boost online sales. Joe’s approach is about understanding customer behavior and making strategic tweaks to encourage completion of purchases.

Inspired to tackle cart abandonment in your own store? Listen to the full episode with Joe Rollinson for all the details. Remember, every abandoned cart is a potential sale waiting to happen—grab it!


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