0 to 100k Engaged Instagram Followers in 6 Months Without Ads by Brenden Kumarasamy

Feeling lost in the maze of Instagram for your B2B business? Don’t worry, Brenden Kumarasamy, the brain behind MasterTalks, is here to guide you. Fresh from a revealing session on the Garlic Marketing Show, Brenden spilled the secrets behind his incredible rise to 100,000 followers. Eager to crack the Instagram code? Let’s unpack his strategies together and turbocharge your own Instagram strategy.



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Get to Know Brenden Kumarasamy & MasterTalks


Instagram fame isn’t just about being lucky; it’s about being strategic. Meet Brenden, a speaking coach whose transformative approach has elevated the communication skills of over 140 clients, helping them secure millions in funding. MasterTalks isn’t just another coaching platform—it’s a powerhouse for boosting confidence and ensuring impactful delivery.


Fame as a Business Strategy: More Than Just Lights and Glamour


Consider fame as more than a perk—it’s a strategic tool. Brenden uses a strong personal brand on social media to build trust and status, crucial for converting followers into clients. It’s the quality and engagement of these followers that count, not just the numbers.


Instagram vs. LinkedIn for B2B: Which is Right for You?


While LinkedIn might be the traditional choice for B2B networking, Brenden sees Instagram as a game-changer. He points to the platform’s unique ability to forge deeper connections through its expansive reach and direct messaging capabilities. Instagram is not just for influencers and big brands; it’s a B2B powerhouse waiting to be leveraged.


Mastering Instagram in Three Phases


Brenden didn’t achieve Instagram success by chance; it was meticulously planned through a three-phased approach:

  • The Daily Grind: He committed to posting one engaging reel per day for 100 days.
  • The Fake Podcast Experiment (Watch the full video to find out why he doesn’t recommend it!)
  • The Winning Formula: He focused on optimizing what works best to maximize effectiveness.
  • How to Crack the Instagram Code According to Brenden

Brenden’s strategy involves a blend of strategic content creation, regular engagement, and continuous experimentation to discover what resonates with the audience. Aligning your Instagram efforts with your business goals is crucial, ensuring that every post not only captures attention but also drives conversions.


Your Roadmap to Instagram Success


Are you prepared to elevate your Instagram game and increase B2B leads? Follow Brenden for a steady stream of insights, clearly define your target audience, create content that directly addresses their needs, experiment with various formats, and engage personally with your followers to guide them towards your services.


Let’s Get Social!


Transform your Instagram strategies starting today. Share your progress or any questions in the comments below and make sure to follow Brenden and MasterTalks for a continuous dose of expert advice and motivation.

Embracing these strategies and reshaping your approach will set you apart in the B2B market. Are you ready to step up your Instagram game? Let’s make it happen!


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