Authentic Web Marketing-Moving On

While I have had a great time with FindLaw, I am moving on. FindLaw and all of the people there are fun and foster a wonderful corporate environment. I still believe that Lawyers along with every other business and professional, solo to Fortune 500, need to market themselves and maintain their online reputation. Thus I am working with some top professionals in design, computer graphics and programming, search engine optimization, online video and social media, such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

We are working together to take internet marketing for small to mid size businesses and professionals to the next level.

I believe Search Engine Optimization and great web designs are important, but there are so many important aspects that must be attended to as well. Social Media and Online Reputation Management must be actively managed and, if done right, can actually amplify Search Engine performance. The tools are out there for anyone who does a great job in their industry to create an online following that actually does a lot of the work for you. The issue is that if this is done without a plan or in a manipulative fashion, a lot of hard work in building a great website will be undermined. The result is the foundation of your web presence can be eroded and your business could collapse around it.

Along comes evolveALOUD and Authentic Web Marketing. By understanding exactly the strengths and core differentiators of the business are and who the ideal clients are, a doctor, lawyer, catering company can utilize the proper tools and social media outlets to create a targeted and encompassing web presence that engages your ideal clients and creates customer evangelists.

SOOO, for the time being, this blog is going to become more opinions on marketing and the internet. I will also be writing for the evolveALOUD business blog. This will be more informational on building your brand and your community on the internet.

If you have any questions feel free to email me from my contact form or call my cell. In the meantime, keep reading to stay ahead of the pack!

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