Quote about Scheduling, Presence and Procrastination

“If not now, when?”
— Eckhart Tolle

This simple question is deep with meaning.  I see 3 messages here

Avoid Procrastination by scheduling

It’s easy to procrastinate.  The problem with procrastination is the thing we put off is usually the most important things and they build up in our head to something bigger then before.  If something is important enough to think about, schedule its completion.  If it is a new idea, schedule a time to revisit it.

Avoid Hesitation in Growth

The other aspect of this question is about taking the leap.  Is it the best time for the new office?  Is it the best time for the new website? Is it time to hire more people?

These are not so much procrastinations as hesitations.  You need a stake in the ground for everything that is going to help you grow as a business.  Doing things that are natural parts of growth should be a little scary and should be done with thought.  If you do your research and listen to your instinct (which is not the same as fear) go for it.

I will tell you this.  There is no better time then the present for growth.  There is an abundance of opportunity and everyday you miss it, it becomes more expensive.

Is it worth thinking about?

The final answer to this question is “Never”.  There are plenty of things out there that just feel “wrong” but people tell us we should do.

Giving in to take a job you despise.

Spending time with negative people because of this reason or that.

Giving in to go against your moral compass for a seemingly large benefit..

There are plenty of times the answer should be “Never”.

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