The Running 1 Mile Mindset

I ran 1 mile this morning.

A few years ago, running a mile seemed like a lot to me.  I had plenty of excuses not to run.  Bad knees. No time. It’s Florida and I sweat a lot.

Every since I converted to barefoot running (yes, barefoot) mixed with minimalist shoes, I get many looks.  I also can run a long way. I added low heart rate training and now I can run 20 miles no problem.  1 mile seems like a walk to the mailbox.

I now run with other people. This past weekend I had a conversation about the time it takes to run 6 miles and how anything less is a waste of time. This is a common thought of many people that are long distance runners.  Anything less than 4 or 5 miles is a waste of time.  Of course, this is not true.

As your marketing progresses, you may think your blog post needs to be highly impactful. It needs a big message.  Why write less than 400 words without an impactful headline?  Try applying the Running 1 Mile Mindset.

1 mile a day adds up.  There will be days when 1 mile becomes 6 miles because you have some time.  Then when it comes time to run 20, it will be no problem.

Little tweets, little blog posts, a comment here and there and curating content adds up the same way.  When it comes time for that new marketing campaign, bring all of those little things together. It does not all have to be a marathon session for successful online marketing.