The Business Blogging Mindset

“You never have talkers block.” – Seth Godin.

Want to know the secret to creating an amazing business blog?

Write (or create) lots of original blog posts.

Think about it like Jazz.  You might play the same song over and over, but it’s different every time.  Jazz musicians play off of the environment, the audience, and their fellow musicians.

I know, what if people don’t like your blog?  How many people are reading your blog right now?  Probably very few. I guarantee none of your social media followers really care about the facts you repost.

The cool part is that if you do something phenomenally stupid, it can spread.  It can build links and visibility.  If you don’t violate any major laws, people will forget.

Even better, you can develop thoughts and marketing ideas while listening to your audience and developing your own “playing style.”

So sit down and write some Blog Jazz.  Don’t over think it, just do it every day.  Think it needs to be a mountain of a post?  Refer to the Running 1 Mile Mindset.

Want to “listen” to a master of the written riff? Seth Godin is the Miles Davis of Blogging. Subscribe to his stuff.

Blogging can extend your life!

Added benefit of Blog Jazz. I am pretty sure Jazz musicians live longer. It’s by no means hard science, but I listen to our local NPR/Jazz station at UCF. They announce the passing of jazz musicians.  I can remember only one that went to the big concert on the other side before the age of 80.

Here is a perfect example:

Jazz composer Horace Silver dies at age 85.

Maybe this will translate for you.  More clients and a longer, happier life through blogging.

Take that, WebMD.