Mindset Mondays: Do Something Special Mindset

I had a big milestone birthday this weekend.  I wasn’t too enthused about it; getting older didn’t really bother me, I just felt I had too much to do.

It’s so easy to put our head down and look for results.

Then I listened to Bill Crystal’s “Still Fooling ‘Em” on a recent road trip.  It’s an amazing audiobook with great stories and a fantastic performance.  I highly suggest it for anyone over 30.

Billy looks back on his life and career and talks about his 50th birthday celebration. His mother always said, “Do something special for your birthday.”

Thanks to my awesome wife, I did something special for my birthday. All of the amazing well wishes from family, friends and clients made it even more special, including a great card from the authenticWEB team.

It’s easy to get caught up in becoming “successful.” We all want it now, and we won’t celebrate until we get it.

Have I accomplished everything I set out to? No. Yet I look around and I have done a lot. I would say my biggest reward has been all of my amazing family and friends.  No amount of money or business success could replace them.

 Why should we wait to celebrate?  Celebrate getting out a blog post, or doing something scary like actually being authentic in your marketing. Celebrate your failures because you are learning!

Don’t stop doing special things for yourself and for others.  Don’t ever stop celebrating. It will make your business, your life and your marketing something special.