The Fat and Unprofessional Mindset

“You look fat and unprofessional.”

That heading probably got your attention. Many people have at least one of those insecurities – “I look fat” or “I look unprofessional” – bouncing around in their head, preventing them from marketing, or doing their best marketing.

There is always going to be a reason not to market or do your most remarkable marketing.

“Marketing takes time.”

“I’ll never get it perfect.”

“Marketing is always changing. What works today won’t work tomorrow.”

“It costs too much.”

“My peers will think I look fat/stupid/old/unprofessional.”

“A video makes me look fat/stupid/old/unprofessional.”

“My friends will think I look fat/stupid/old/unprofessional.”

“It didn’t work last time.”

“The guy down the street has more money.”

“That person on TV gets all of the clients.”

All of those views can be countered by the proper marketing mindset.

You have to spend time diving deep, learning about yourself and your business.

Perfection is unattainable, but its pursuit leads to greatness.

Change leads to the best opportunities.

Is there a better investment than your own business?

Most likely, your product is you. If you sell in real life, a video is not different.

Are your peers paying your bills?

Are your friends feeding your family?

Now you know what doesn’t work.

What can you learn from the guy down the street? Probably what is working is not obvious to you.

No one has 100% of any market. What part is undeserved?

A marketing mindset is a choice, but like happiness, it takes continuous practice and attention to your thoughts.

Choose to practice and pay attention to your mindset, and you have the first step toward a truly successful marketing campaign.