Video Agency Mastermind: Gaining Your Client’s Trust

Welcome to the first of a 5 part series aimed at helping you add video to your agency. Today we will look at your clients and focus on gaining their trust. All agencies have dealt with crazy clients that do not approve anything or wonder what they are getting for their money. Many times this is not the fault of the work you have done but comes down to a trust issue. Your client does not see all of the work you are doing in the background and may not see the value in the service you are providing.

Trust can go a long way in any relationship, your clients are no exception. A great way to build your clients trust in you as an agency is to add video as part of your service. This can be relatively inexpensive to implement and adds a lot of value to your service.  When you or someone on your team conducts these interviews you are spending 3 or 4 hours with them which will generate mutual trust. You will also get unique stories that would have never been shared in a marketing meeting. These stories are invaluable for their marketing plan and great sources for content.

Are you ready to start using video to provide greater value to your clients? Download the Mobile Video Studio Equipment Guide and start building greater connections with your clients.