Video Agency Mastermind: Creating Authentic Content

This is the second part of a 5 part series that will help you add video to your agency. Today we focus on creating authentic content for your clients. At authenticWEB our primary niche is attorneys. Attorneys are fantastic technical writers although when they are looking at marketing copy they see it as their technical writing. In many cases this will lead to rejected content and a long process of revisions before the content is approved. This creates a huge cost for your agency and your client as well. The longer that content is in the approval process the longer it takes for them to start seeing results.

Video content does not seem to have this problem because it is all in the client’s voice. The approval process for these videos can be days instead of weeks. This will involve less work and can be charged at a higher level because there is more value in video. Setting up a video service is not expensive and anyone can do it with little to no experience.

If you are ready to start creating authentic video content for your clients today, download the Mobile Video Studio Equipment Guide.