PartnerCon 2015: It’s All About Systems

PartnerCon 2015 was tons of fun. I was surrounded by great people doing great things, and I was inspired by all my fellow agency owners and entrepreneurs to really kick authenticWEB into hyperdrive in 2016.

I didn’t want to miss or forget anything from PartnerCon, so I took the opportunity to ask people what their biggest takeaways were from the event. I got awesome answers like:

  • “Use video.”
  • “Put in the time and effort.”
  • “Follow the fundamentals.”
  • “Process is everything.”
  • “Systems outperform talent all day long.”

I am personally a HUGE fan of systems. I literally dream about systems. Systems not only enable my company to perform more efficiently; they also help us to scale as we grow and adapt to the changing landscape of digital marketing.

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