The Importance of Building Your Tribe with Andrey Polston

The Garlic Marketing Podcast interviews Andrey Polston, an expert in summits for agency owners. Andrey truly has a lifetime of experience in marketing. After seeing his hard-working father lose his job when he was 11-years-old, he knew he never wanted to work for someone else.

He started learning as much as he could, and he started his own lawn mowing company, finding success selling his services to his neighbors in his town. Later, as a sales rep, he accidentally developed skills in SEO and web design. Even with limited experience, he knew a business opportunity when he saw one.

Andrey quickly became an in-demand expert in conversion and lead generation. By networking his way up the marketing food-chain, he became a consultant for top-level executives.

Now, Andrey plans and operates his own virtual summits to help others succeed in marketing. He focuses on building his own community through these virtual summits on different topics. For his first summit how real estate agents can get more listings, GetListingsSummit, he generated a list of over 3500 agents and industry leaders.

Creating this summit was more challenging than Andrey originally anticipated, but this deep, rich network is key to success. His next summit, the Agency summit, focuses on marketing and sales techniques. He has great plans for the Agency summit with a powerful framework freelancers, agency owners, and executives can use to implement the covered techniques.

If you’re interested in being a part of The Agency Summit, registration is now open and available here. For the first three days of the summit, it’s free to join! Learn more about Andrey’s journey and advice in this episode of the Garlic Marketing Podcast. Remember to subscribe to the podcast for more in-depth marketing tips.  

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn details about the upcoming online agency summit and how to register
  • Some  valuable tips for freelancers on how to get a start in the marketing/sales business
  • How to apply up sales, revenue, and leadership in an agency

Connect with Andrey:

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