Build Your Authority Using Social Proof with Austin Distel

Austin Distel is the head of marketing for Proof, a software that’s all about building social proof. Distel speaks with Ian about the importance of social proof in an online marketplace. This concept is simple. People trust things that other people trust. In the world of online selling and online marketing, having social proof is key.

Building trust over the internet isn’t always easy. Since you aren’t able to communicate face-to-face, your audience isn’t always able to connect with your message. That’s where social proof comes in. Social proof is the stats that show other people are interested. In the case of digital marketing, social proof includes things like likes from an industry expert or product reviews.

Social proof is why a software like Proof is so vital in today’s marketplace. Distel explains how Proof helps online businesses build trust with potential customers by showing just how popular or valuable a product or service is. Have you ever seen a pop-up on a website telling you that 100 other visitors are viewing the same product or that someone in Texas just purchased something? You’re witnessing social proof in action.

Share Your Social Proof Through Video

Distel thinks the video is one of the best ways to express social proof. Through video case stories, potential customers can hear firsthand just how powerful their experience was with a business. This is more authentic than reading a bland testimonial or simply explaining what you do as a company.

Hearing from people creates a direct social connection. This social connection is as strong as social proof. Distel encourages marketers to look into the power of video when trying to strengthen their marketing strategy.

To learn more about Proof and how you can use social proof to land more sales, listen to the full episode of the Garlic Marketing Show podcast here.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The Importance of Community and Conversions
  • Value of Social Proof through Video Case Stories
  • 3 Step Process for Perfect Case Study
  • Data Science is key to Personalize Experience

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