Marketing Your Hero Story with Dr. Chris Zaino

Ian Garlic interviews Dr. Chris Zaino on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show. Dr. Zaino started his career as Mr. America and as a fitness trainer in Universal Studios Orlando. After struggling with health complications for months, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He thought he had no options for regaining his health until he met a chiropractor who challenged him to take control of his life.

This experience over 15 years ago inspired him to become a chiropractor himself. Finding his purpose was the first step to him regaining not only his health but also his success. Dr. Zaino says there comes a moment in everyone’s life where they might not know what comes next. This murky, unknown area is where your story is developed. It’s up to you to take the plunge into your own hero journey by accepting the risk of the unknown.

Words Don’t Teach, Experience Does

Dr. Zaino know if he wanted to reach people, you need to teach through experience. If you have nothing authentic to say, nobody will want to listen to you. Dr. Zaino’s story fueled the growth of his practice. By sharing his own message over video, he brought in over 2800 patients per week at his practice. No matter what your best medium for storytelling is, Dr. Zaino says to go all in. Find your own story and learn how to tell it in a way that people will listen to. It’s always about telling the right story at the right time.  

4 Pillars of the Rising Hero

It’s not enough to just tell your story. You need to know how to tell it. You can have the best script, the best writing, and the best video equipment and still not connect with your audience. This is based on 4 pillars that from the hero’s journey. The first pillar of a rising hero is simply knowing your superpower. What makes you different? What’s your story? Why should people listen to you?

The next pillar is knowing your platform. You can’t just tell your story everywhere. You need to tell your story in the right places to reach the right people. Where is your audience? How can you make it easy for them to find your hero story? The third pillar is how to monetize what you love. Dr. Zaino loves to empower others to find their own passion and tell their stories. What do you love?

Finally, the last pillar is to monetize your message. How can you use your own hero journey to create a profit? For Dr. Zaino, this is where all the pillars come together. People are drawn to heroes. They admire them and want to follow them. How are you the hero of your own story? Why are you brought into this world?

Do you know how to integrate your stories into your own services and products? Click here to listen to the full episode with Dr. Chris Zaino. Learn more about the key principles of storytelling and how to craft your own hero story based on your unique experience.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How storytelling is key
  • Tips for integrating stories to your services
  • The  4 pillars of Hero Rising

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