How Marketers Can Use Video and Email to Tell a Story with Erik Harbison

Erik Harbison is one of the pioneers of email marketing, and now he is the director of marketing for aWeber. In this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Harbison shares how his experience running digital marketing strategy and execution for brands led to his career success today.

Harbison believes communication is key to any marketing strategy. When connecting with customers, brands need to be willing to keep lines of communication open through things like email. That’s why email marketing is so powerful! It helps both customers and businesses learn more about each other.

How can businesses write good emails that people will actually want to read? Harbison says it’s all about creating quality content. People don’t like reading sales emails. They don’t want to feel like your business is always trying to sell them something. Instead, keep your email content educational and entertaining. Tell your customers a story or teach them something new. Emails are changing the way people communicate, so don’t let your business emails join the ranks of all the other junk mail!

Educating Through Video

Like email, video is the new way of communicating in 2018. If brands want to stay competitive, they need to be willing to try new forms of communicating with customers. Harbison explains how aWeber is trying to include videos in their marketing strategy to bring in more customers.

Videos help tie people together through storytelling. When creating videos for your business, Harbison claims the focus needs to be on the “why.” Connect the videos to the customers’ journey so they make a powerful impact.  

Mind Reading Email Strategy

One of the key parts of successful email marketing Harbison says is to connect your emails together as if you’re reading the recipients mind. Step inside your customers’ shoes. What are they thinking? Where are they in their journey? How well do they understand your business? What are their pain points?

Knowing the customer in this way lets you not only create a steady stream of emails, but also connect with them as though you already know them. This builds trust and will lead to a higher click-through rate. People want to feel heard and understood. Your emails shouldn’t read like spam. Rather, they should prove just how well you understand your customers.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How videos are vital in the education arena
  • Who to direct your emails to
  • Creating connections and voices through the power of email

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