Beyond “Passion” and “Why” with World-renowned Speaker Dov Baron


We have another spicy accent coming at you live on this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show. World-renowned Speaker, Dov Baron is here to talk about breaking through the white noise of the marketing field. Not only is Dov a highly sought after leadership speaker (Inc. Top 100 leadership speakers), but a little-known fact is that he also studied quantum physics. His BA in Psychology has made him the all-knowing leader for the psychology of excellence and leadership. All humans have psychological primary devices that drive our entire lives unconsciously. Channel these into your marketing and you’ll reap the rewards. Delve deep with Dov, and discover what happens when marketing meets Freudian theory.


Passion is a Scam

Follow your passion…Sike. It’s rare when people actually succeed following their passion, except for trust fund babies. Don’t worry, trust funds are overrated when finding your purpose.


“Passion is merely the vehicle that transports your purpose.”


It runs out of fuel until you find a new one. It’s OK to change passions because you just keep getting closer to your purpose. We’re all dynamic beings searching for our tribe. The tribe that illuminates our purpose. This ‘search for purpose’ pays off when you tap into your purpose and transfer it into any vehicle.


Purpose Matters For Marketing. Millennials Smell BS.

This isn’t just another self-help podcast. Dov’s degree in Psychology allows him to connect the fundamentals of psychology with successful marketing.

Finding your purpose is critical for marketing because purpose is the center of your marketing. Leadership and purpose are the key factors that can make or break a business. When you don’t know your purpose it starts affecting your life and marketing. Millennials are approaching the top of the business game. But, they want meaningful work. They want to work for someone who aligns with their purpose and together, that similar purpose will shine.

Authentic marketing makes it to the top and brings in loyal customers, employees, and money.

Marketing is a tough business and if you don’t translate your purpose, you’re just noise in the market-background. It’s not just about working hard anymore, times are changing. We’re out here in a creative purpose-driven market. So, jump in.

Additionally, customers buy from companies whose values align with theirs. Your business has to create this marketing movement through videos, podcast, blogs, etc with purpose at the core of it. Millennials can smell a BS purpose and they’ll run to your competition.


Authenticity Never Goes Out of Style

Purposeful marketing WILL create a legacy. When you’re in touch with your purpose; success, significance, and fulfillment are just around the corner.

When purpose is at the surface of your marketing, you can align your purpose to make the right decisions because authenticity never goes out of style.

We’ve given you a sneak peek into purposeful marketing, but now you need to hear the leader himself, Dov Baron on this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show. Don’t miss hearing more about how purpose-driven marketers are dominating the marketing game. If you want to stop being just a pawn in the marketing field, tune in and rise above the market’s white noise to gain the right customers who align with your purpose.


What You’ll Learn:
  • Why following your passion is a lie
  • How to find your purpose
  • Molding your market with your purpose
  • Marketing and purpose
  • How to be an authentic person
  • Authentic marketing
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