Facebook Ads Ultimate Deal Breaker: Hiring an Agency vs. Making Ads Yourself with Nehal Kazim

It’s a no-brainer. You’ve scrolled by or clicked an ad from Facebook. It’s slightly creepy how you think about something for a split second and next thing you know it’s an ad on your timeline. We understand the cringey stalker vibe of Facebook ads. HOWEVER, just because Facebook ads have a creepy way of sneaking up on us doesn’t mean they’re not a major success for marketing your product or service. Here’s how to make a Facebook ad worth clicking:


All clicks lead to the Facebook ad

Nehal Kazim, the alias for Facebook ad expert & CEO of Amplifii, an advertising agency that specializes in Facebook advertising campaigns transforming businesses into making $20,000/month! Amplifii’s proudest moment is a webinar that scaled from $8k monthly to $80k monthly in revenue from Nehal’s 7 steps, “The Ad Scorecard.”

The Ad Scorecard:

  1. Design a killer offer
  2. Create an avatar
  3. Master the Facebook funnel
  4. Nurture your leads
  5. Build an ad
  6. Optimize an ad
  7. Report on your results

“We have clients who are spending $1 and getting $10-$17 in revenue in the same month and living an incredible lifestyle.”


The 3 metric measurements

Many people don’t realize how GREAT their business is doing with Facebook ads, just as many don’t realize how BAD it’s doing with ads. Nehal shared with us his three metric bullet points that he measures when consulting his clients to ensure their ad performance is nothing short of greatness.

  • Total numbers of clicks: leads, closed, and booked appts
  • Cost per number: cost per click, cost per application, total number of clicks
  • Ratios: number of people who click vs. a lead, lead vs. a booked appt.

Now, with the three-step metric system, you can DETERMINE the biggest GAPS in your business and where you should INVEST the majority of your time. Additionally, this gives you leverage to see what IS working on the ad.

This may be obvious, but it’s nice to get a little pat on the back every once in a while. With the three metric measurements, you never have to feel stuck wondering where your clicks are.


What types of videos are right for you and your ads?

If you’re a newbie to video marketing, we ask this question a lot because we believe in the storytelling aspect of video marketing:

What videos are right for you when it comes to Facebook ads? What can capture the art of storytelling and guarantee you pre-sold leads?

Check out the top 4 ranked videos for Nehal:

  1. Cinemagraph (animated photo) 
  2. Talking head video: viral promotion
  3. Animated video
  4. Long form VSL

Videos and Facebook ads are two peas in a pod. They work well together, establish the trust amongst your potential prospects, and are working 24/7 to reel in more leads. Nehal told us, “trust is priceless.”

Build trust with your prospects using our 12 Step Guide for Creating the Perfect Customer Case Story:

We’ve only given you a taste of Nehal’s expertise, ready to learn more about creating CLICKABLE Facebook ads and videos? Don’t miss our special guest Nehal on this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show!


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to find your CPA number
  • The Adscore Card
  • 4 types of video
  • How important a relevancy score is
  • The 2 types of click-through rate with Facebook ads
  • How to make a killer Facebook ad
  • The biggest gaps in your Facebook ad
  • The sales journey through a Facebook ad
  • When to hire an agency & when not to
  • How to advertise at a high level

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